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What's Your Secret? Launched to Help People Unlock Their Potential and Start Achieving

What’s Your Secret is a new book that will transform people’s lives, leaving others wondering ‘how did you do it?’. It's available for free for a limited time only, helping everyone reach their dreams.


Montreal, QC -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/06/2015 -- Published by Mogul Division Publishing, 'What's Your Secret?' has been created to promote personal growth and success in a unique way. Fewer than two hundred pages in length, the book is designed to help people live their dreams in a way that will see them join the ranks of those they aspire to be.

The author, David Rowicz, devised strategies through which he lost over 100 lbs, paid off crippling debts, worked with some of the world's biggest and most recognized companies, and even found time to travel for several months in Mexico, writing travel guides.

In the book, David shares his unique way of seeing life and his values. Far from being a philosophical exploration however, the book contains actionable steps to help someone achieve any sort of objective they have in mind. The foundational principles can take someone from where they are now, straight on the path of happiness, cutting out filler and fluff.

The message of the book is that most people have unused potential, and to deliver a wake-up call that will see people capitalize on this most valuable resource. David wants people to realize that they are awesome, and can achieve great things, starting with their personal happiness. Rowicz is so serious about helping people he is giving the book away for free for a limited time only.

A spokesperson for David Rowicz explained, "David understands that many of the people who could benefit most from the knowledge in his book may not be able to afford it. David also understands that many people will use this as an excuse not to get started on a better path in life. He has just removed that excuse. The book is available for free for a limited time only, and anyone brave enough to seize this opportunity will earn the right to the knowledge within. Through commitment to applying that knowledge, they'll be able to afford a lot more than books."

About David Rowicz
David Rowicz is an entrepreneur, Amazon bestselling author, enthusiastic world traveler, and a positive thinker. His services are sought by some of the biggest companies in the world. He is also committed to teaching people to achieve their dreams in order to reach their full potential. David runs a website called MindCleanup. MindCleanup grew out of David's personal life experiences, and he uses it as the platform for teaching others the power of owning a positive outlook on life.

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