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StepperOnline Offers Linear Stepper Motors at Attractive Prices

Founded in 2005, StepperOnline is a wholesaler of stepper motors, stepper motor drivers, power supplies and CNC router kits. They are offering good quality linear stepper motors at attractive prices.


Nanjing, Jiangsu -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/06/2015 -- StepperOnline provides high quality stepper products at lower prices. They are the wholesalers of stepper motors and purchase products in bulk from the manufacturers to avail the best discounts. These products are then offered to the clinetele at competitive prices. This company offers a wide range of products for the people to choose from. For the smooth functioning of the internal mechanism of the motors, StepperOnline offers superior quality linear steppers at cost effective rates.

Divulging more on the linear stepper motors, one of the executives of StepperOnline stated, "Linear stepper motors are built with thread shaft, and they do not need any extra lead screw and coupling, thus providing an easy and safe way to fit in as a linear actuator. There are two versions of the linear stepper motors, external and non-captive. On the movement of the nut back and forth, linear motion in external stepper is created. The stepper then employs a leadscrew and nut combination that extends out from the motor. On the other hand, the non-captive stepper allows the leadscrew to extend and retract without rotating. It has a leadscrew that goes through the motor. This kind of linear motor does not have any reasonable stroke limits, and it must be attached to an assembly that will not rotate."

The linear actuators play an important role in motion control. To be very precise, these machines control the angle, the distance as well as the repeatability of motion. Linear stepper motors are used for the industrial purposes, in the commercial applications, and the domestic appliances. As they are such a critical component of the varied set-ups, it is essential that people should opt only for the leading manufacturers for their requirements. StepperOnline is a platform which offers a diverse range of linear stepper motors of genuine and bankable brands.

The executive further added, "Customer satisfaction is the most important for us. We ensure that our products are of exceptional quality. Before purchasing the stepper motors from the manufacturers our experts do a thorough of all the motors. We only deal with the top three famous manufacturers, and have our own quality supervision to ensure the quality."

StepperOnline strives to provide their products at prices lower than the price people might get from the manufacturers directly. They cooperate with DHL, FedEx, UPS, and TNT to provide their products in two days to their customers. They provide the complete product, adequate inventory and rapid shipment. People who are looking for good quality linear stepper motor, can browse through their linear stepper motor price list.

About StepperOnline
StepperOnline was founded in 2005, and they are one of the leading wholesalers of stepper motors, stepper motor drivers, power supplies and CNC power supplies online. In 2013, they were acquired by OMC Corporation (the leading company in Motion Control industry) formally. They acquire their products from the top manufacturers in China, such as stepper drivers from Leadshine and stepper motors from OSM Technology, etc. Apart from linear stepper motors, they also offer Geared stepper motors, Stepper motor drivers, high torque stepper motor online and much more.

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