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United States Infrastructure Market Report Q2 2014


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/06/2015 -- In line with our long held view that the residential construction sector would drive the recovery in the US construction industry, we believe 2014 will see another positive year for growth in the sector. Real industry value is expected to expand by 1.8%, driven primarily by a 2.0% expansion in residential and non-residential building. However, over the medium term, the recovery will naturally slow, and while we expect an expansion in infrastructure industry value, following a steep Contraction in 2013, upside potential is yet to be completely factored in, and therefore we currently expect construction industry real growth rates to slow over 2015-2023, averaging 0.5% y-o-y.

Key Developments

The residential construction sector continues to expand. As expected, data has been and will continue to be mixed. However, overall the trend is for continued recovery in the sector. Housing starts, homebuilder confidence and permits are all trending higher, although starts have struggled to sustain levels above the 1mn mark. While the sector has come a long way since 2011, there is considerable room for further expansion. Housing starts remain considerably below the peak of 2,273,000 in January 2006 and we are beginning to see a decline in sales inventory of existing homes, indicating demand and supply are being rebalanced. Consequently, we forecast residential construction to continue to positively contribute to the overall construction industry value.

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Table Of Contents

Industry View 7
Infrastructure SWOT 8
Industry Forecast 10
Construction And Infrastructure Forecast Scenario 10
Table: Construction And Infrastructure Industry Data, 2012-2017 10
Table: Construction And Infrastructure Industry Data, 2018-2023 11
Transport Infrastructure - Outlook And Overview 17
Table: US Transport Infrastructure Industry Data, 2012-2017 17
Table: US Transport Infrastructure Long Term Forecast, 2018-2023 18
Table: High-Speed Rail Funding Awards 24
Table: FAA Pilot Privatisation Programme, Application And Status 26
Table: Major Projects - Transport 28
Energy And Utilities Infrastructure - Outlook And Overview 46
Table: US Energy and Utilities Infrastructure Industry Data, 2012-2017 46
Table: US Energy and Utilities Infrastructure Industry Data, 2018-2023 47
Table: Renewables Targets By State - US States With Renewable Power Targets 50
Table: Major Projects - Energy and Utilities 56
Residential And Non-Residential Building - Outlook And Overview 77
Table: Residential/Non-Residential Building Industry Data 2012-2017 77
Table: Residential/Non-Residential Industry Data 2018-2023 77
Table: Major Projects - Construction And Social Infrastructure 83
Industry Risk Reward Ratings 88
United States - Infrastructure Risk/Reward Ratings 88
United States Risks/Reward Ratings 88
Western Europe And North America - Infrastructure Risk/Reward Ratings 89
Table: Developed States Infrastructure Risk/Reward Ratings 97
Market Overview 98
Competitive Landscape 98
Table: Key Players - Financial Data 100
Company Profile 102
Skanska 102
Table: Skanska USA Contract Awards 2012 104
Table: Skanska US Units, H1 2013 And 2012 Annual Financial Data 106
Global Infrastructure Partners 108
Table: GIP Assets 112
Bechtel 113
Table: Bechtel Financial Data, US$bn 119
Global Infrastructure Overview 121
Africa In 2014: PPPs Cement Global Appeal 121
Asia-Pacific In 2014: Shaping Up To Be A Benign Year 126
Latin America In 2014: A Prosperous Year For Infrastructure Development 133
MENA In 2014: Reaping Rewards Despite Risks 137
North America And Europe In 2014: Turning A Corner 142
Methodology 149
Industry Forecast Methodology 149
Sector-Specific Methodology 150
Risk/Reward Rating Methodology 154
Sector-Specific Methodology 155
Table: Infrastructure Risk/Reward Rating Indicators 155
Table: Weighting Of Indicators 156

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