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New Crowdfunding Campaign for Book Ebenezer Scrooge: Ghost Hunter


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/06/2015 -- The crowdfunding campaign for upcoming book Ebenezer Scrooge: Ghost Hunter will go live on April 7, confirmed the authors of the book Jaqueline Kyle and Charles Dickens. They aim to raise $2200 from the campaign. The amount will be used for publication, distribution and marketing of the Book.

The book, expected to hit the stands on September 1, will expand the innovative content of Charles Dickens classic with all new unique scenes of deadly doppelgangers, wicked ghosts, soul devouring wraiths and a number of other terrors from the netherworld.

According to the sources, the story of the book starts seven years after the cruel death of Marley. Ebenezer Scrooge has left ghost hunting and embraced a slow death by alcohol poisoning. On Christmas Eve, his dead partner Marley returns to warn him of three ghosts - a supporter who would help him, one spirit trying to hurt him and one that is immortal and cannot be killed.

The story is about a lifetime of agony. Scrooge needs to face the devils of his past and his present breakdown to avoid the horror that is his future. The stakes for Scrooge's soul have never been higher than in this wicked retelling of the classic, A Christmas Carol.

The contributors of the campaign will be receiving several interesting perks. The highest contributor will be receiving a chance to take an Uber Ride with the author or hang out with the author for one day at the 2015 Great Dickens' Christmas Fair in San Francisco.

The interesting plot will keep the reader engaged until the end. "It was at this moment, that the sheet began to stir of its own accord, first with a twitch about where the fingers should be. Then the foot. The sheet rippled as if some freshly animated puppet was slowly learning to move its limbs and, being as the man beneath had certainly been dead, Scrooge steeled himself to face some freshly woken ghoul."

About Ebenezer Scrooge - Ghost Hunter
Ebenezer Scrooge - Ghost Hunter is a new book written by Jaqueline Kyle and Charles Dickens.

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