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Carlsbad, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/06/2015 -- Southern California-based Pars Art Galleries has relaunched its e-commerce website in time for the Persian new year. The elaborate, high-quality site took nearly a year to complete and was created in collaboration with Nika Labs of San Jose, Calif. The site offers access not only to unique cultural merchandise but also news and interesting videos aimed at informing and educating viewers about Persian civilization.

Participation at select trade shows and conferences has also established the PAG brand over the years. In 2014, PAG partnered with charity groups at community gatherings in order to support worthwhile causes. One such activity took place in cooperation with the Norooz Foundation, of Charlotte, North Carolina, to provide emergency aid to Iranian refugees and other groups, such as the Izadis (Yazidis), scattered throughout Southwest Asia.

PAG merchandise make perfect gifts for myriad of occasions: Birthdays, graduations, new-year celebrations, corporate gifts and many other uses have been found for the one-of-a-kind items by hundreds of loyal PAG customers worldwide.

About Pars Art Galleries
The family owned company and its growing network of designers and manufacturers around the globe has been producing high-quality cultural jewelry and collectibles inspired by ancient Persian art for several years. Beyond retail sales online, PAG products have also been ordered repeatedly by major world museums, numerous community organizations, prominent family trusts and private companies.

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