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Versatile Actor Eric St. John Portrays American Legend in "Ride the Thunder"

Heroic Deeds of USMC Colonel John W. Ripley Portrayed in Fred Koster’s Film


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/06/2015 -- Eric St. John portrays the character of Colonel John W. Ripley in the new film "Ride the Thunder". The film which is based on a true story of two war heroes and their experiences premired on 27/3/2015 at the Regency Theater with huge success. Long box offices lines were commonplace as show after show was sold out all weekend long. The tremendous box office sales resulted in "Ride The Thunder" achieving the highest average per Theatre Box Office in the country.

The lead actor of the movie Eric St. John plays the role of Colonel John W. Ripley in the movie. Colonel Ripley, one of Americas greatest war heroes, is remembered even today for his heroic acts of courage.

Richard Botkin, the Executive producer of the movie opined, "The film is our effort to try to right the historical wrongs, to leave a more positive record of the American fighting man and also our Vietnamese allies."

Eric St. John who portrays the great American war hero is truly honoured to play the role of Colonel John W. Ripley. He comments, "It is a tremendous honor for me to be playing the role of Colonel John W. Ripley. He is a true American war hero and I am so grateful to be representing this great man and his incredible acts of courage in 'Ride the Thunder.'"

"Ride The Thunder" is based on the book with the same title by retired Marine officer Richard Botkin, telling the truth about the Vietnam War. It is the heroic story of a friendship between American Marine legend, John Ripley and Vietnamese here, Marine Le Ba Binh.

The storyline follows their fight together against the communists during the Vietnam War and then the ensuing aftermath of the fall of Vietnam as Ripley goes home to a divided America while Binh is imprisoned in a Communist re-education camp.

Eric St. John is a versatile and gifted actor who hones his acting prowess to portray the American legendary war hero, Colonel John W. Ripley, in the movie, "Ride the Thunder"

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