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CD Genomics Take Its Construction of CDNA Library Technology to a New Level

CD Genomics has announced that it is now expanding its services to include human whole genome sequencing, molecular research, microarray analysis, construction of CDNA library and genotyping. With a view to transforming the way difficult to treat diseases are diagnosed and treated till date, the company is all set to take a plunge in path-breaking genetic research which will allow scientists to perform pioneering work in the field of life-science and preventive medicine.


Milton, Cambridge -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2015 -- The company has over a decade of experience in providing scientists and researchers with high-quality CDNA libraries in a vector of choice. These libraries are compatible for EST sequencing, directional cloning and gene discovery. Stored as recombinant molecules at CD Genomics, these libraries can be reliably used for clone detection. Upon conclusion of the procedure, clients receive a comprehensive excel listing of all the genes sequenced along with glycerol stocks. The company has a flexible pricing that allows clients to pay only for the services they avail. From pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions to government agencies and research organizations, CD Genomics has been catering to a diversified client base for a decade now and has achieved notable progress in the field of molecular biology ever since its inception.

Construction of CDNA Library at CD Genomics will have the following advantages for researchers.

- DNA fragments that are isolated without cloning bias.
- High complexity and recombinant rate with low clone redundancy.
- Customer desired insert length.
- Strict quality control to confirm size and sequence identity of randomly sampled clones.
- Normalized CDNA library enriched for full length
- Eliminates the need for adaptor ligation for cloning
- Faster turnaround time for antibody screening

Full length-enriched construction of CDNA library is usually produced using modified template-switching approach. This method combines CDNA synthesis and amplification and results in representative CDNA population which is enriched with full-length sequences. On completion of CDNA synthesis, the double stranded CDNA is depleted using a Duplex-Specific Nuclease technique. This procedure allows for the precise elimination of particular transcripts without loss of average CDNA size. The uncut full length constructions of CDNA library enable the researcher to avoid restriction enzyme digestion during library construction. CD genomics strictly adheres to quality control measures to make sure that libraries are highly enriched for full-length CDNA clones.

Construction of CDNA Library will facilitate in the cloning of new genes, enable accurate analysis of gene expressions, precisely disclose SSR markers, assist in exploring the key genes that play a crucial role in preventing fatal diseases, make it possible for researchers to conduct transgenic research and in the construction of linkage maps.

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CD Genomics is a leading biotechnology services company that specializes in DNA sequencing, aptamer development, Construction of CDNA Library, genotyping and whole human genome sequencing. Established in 2004, the company continues to expand upon its technology and technical know-how to deliver highly accurate and dependable services. To avail the services offered by CD Genomics, log on to