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Ford Celebrated Production of Its Five Millionth EcoBoost Engine

In March 2015, Ford celebrated the fact that they had produced their five millionth EcoBoost engine driven vehicle.


Buckie, Banffshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/07/2015 -- The EcoBoost engine was launched in 2009 in the US. It was introduced to the European market in 2010. Today, one in four Ford's sold have an EcoBoost engine. The most popular version is the 1.0 litre that was named as International Engine of the Year for three years running.

This engine ticks all of the boxes. It boosts the performance of an engine delivering more power and torque than other similar sized engines while at the same time reducing the fuel used by 20%. These factors combined result in a reduction of greenhouse emissions of around 15%. This is an irresistible combination for modern consumers, which has changed the way many in the UK buy a new car.

As an example, car sales in Buckie were given a boost when the new engines were introduced. The main dealership in this Scottish town is a Ford garage so many of the drivers in the area drive Fords. Many people in the town clock up a lot of miles because they have to travel long distances to get access to services because the town is located a long way from cities, so fuel economy is a big consideration when buying a car there. When the EcoBoost was launched there, the word spread fast and there was a spike in new car sales in the area.

Ford has recently announced that they plan to develop the EcoBoost engine further. The firm believes that they have enough knowledge to continue to develop and improve the EcoBoost engine for the next ten years. While other car manufacturers focus primarily on hybrid engines Ford will put most of their efforts into developing their EcoBoost technology further.

However, the firm is still moving forward in the hybrid and electric car markets. They plan to expand their hybrid range in Europe and North America.

Pressure on consumers budgets and concerns about greenhouse gases will help to drive sales of all of these eco friendly vehicles. The increasingly tight emissions regulations that governments are putting into place will also drive sales.

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