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American Dental Care in Hershey Announces Denture Availability


Hershey, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/07/2015 -- For patients who would like a long-lasting solution to full or partial tooth loss, dentures are often an excellent choice. Effective immediately, American Dental Care in Hershey has announced that they offer dentures for their patients.

American Dental Care offers a comprehensive range of dental care, including cosmetic and restorative procedures, for patients of all ages. For patients with full or partial tooth loss who would like a long-lasting, durable solution, American Dental Care can place dentures to restore the patient's smile. Dentures are a removable appliance designed to re-create a patient's smile in a natural way. Both complete and partial dentures are available, depending on the severity of tooth loss. Dentures can enhance the appearance of a patient's smile and facial features, and partial dentures can prevent other teeth from shifting.

Denture placement is a process that can take several weeks. This is because dentures must be carefully measured, molded and fitted to ensure that they look natural and feel as comfortable as possible. A dentist at American Dental Care will adjust shape, color and fit of the patients' dentures. After several fittings, the dentist will place the dentures. Patients can expect some soreness and speaking difficulty as they get used to their dentures, but these issues will subside. Once the patient is used to their denture placement, they can look forward to years of a restored smile. American Dental Care recommends that patients practice proper oral care and return for regular dental visits to keep their dentures in optimal condition.

For more information, visit the American Dental Care website or call 717-534-1135.

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