My Pool Loan Now Offers No Equity Pool Loans to Finance Private Swimming Pool

My Pool Loan Now Offers No Equity Pool Loans to Finance Private Swimming Pool


Charleston, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/06/2015 -- Maintaining its position as one of the leading providers of pool services, My Pool Loan is now offering its customers No Equity Pool Loans so that they can have a swimming pool. A home equity loan is a type of loan that is taken out by a homeowner that allows them to borrow money using their home as collateral. Getting a private swimming pool can enhance a family's lifestyle with the many health benefits of swimming. However, big money is needed to construct a pool at home. But, with My Pool Loan's flexible swimming pool loan rates, an individual can afford to own a private pool without putting much pressure on finances.

The company has provided ample information on its portal so that customers can avail loans easily. With a pool loan calculator, individuals can calculate their rates, terms and payments on a monthly basis. The service is there for helping customers to pay their loans as per their budget and need. Moreover, availing the company's swimming pool loan and financing services is quite easy and requires just three simple steps. In the first step, individuals apply for the loan. In the second step, the company provides loan options for the individual. While the third step is just receiving funds through the company for the private swimming pool. So, an individual can follow these three steps to own a private pool.

Talking more about their home equity loan services, one of the representatives from the company stated, "A home equity loan will have a fixed rate of interest. A lump sum is given to the borrower, and is repaid over a period of time that is agreed upon by the lender and the borrower. The payment and the interest will remain the same over the life of the loan. The amount of the loan is determined by your credit history, your income, and the value of your home.

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My Pool Loan is America's most trusted national Pool Loan Company and they know a great deal about swimming pool loans and home improvement loans because they got their start in this particular sphere of loan and financing. They have over 75 years of hands-on pool loan experience and have served over 100,000 customers since 2004. My Pool Loan has the trust of over 25,000 contractors for helping their clients with their financing needs. They can help people looking to finance a new swimming pool, add a sunroom to a home, finish a basement, or any other project with their efficient and brisk process.

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