Completes Another Criteria Overhaul

The tax relief vertical joins debt settlement in a complete revamp of its criteria


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/06/2015 -- (BDC) recently finished an update to tax relief's criteria. This is the first complete update of tax relief's criteria since its initial launch in 2014 and second BDC vertical criteria update since January.

Tax relief companies provide solutions to consumers issues with the IRS. Some of these tax relief issues include back-taxes, wage garnishments and un-filed taxes. The BDC team wanted to create better criteria to represent this industry.

"Finding the right tax relief company can be stressful," BDC PR Director Kate Ward said. "We updated our criteria to help consumers find the best fit for their tax relief problems."

The updated tax relief criteria includes:

- Price
- Tax Service Specialties
- Staff Accreditations
- Professional Association Members
- Refund Policy
- Time in Business
- Better Business Bureau rating
- User Score
- Expert Score

While the BDC team overhauled the entire criteria, one of the most important updates was the increased weight of the user score. The user score now has a weighted value of 25 percent of the overall score.

"The BDC team felt the customers should have a bigger voice in this update," Ward said. "Since they are the one using these companies and spending their hard-earned money, the team thought it was important to hear what they had to say about the companies themselves."

The BDC team hopes the increase of the user score will encourage more customers to leave honest reviews of companies. The more real customer reviews, the more informed potential customers are of these tax relief companies.

The 40 tax relief companies were re-scored and re-ranked with the criteria update. The BDC team plans to continue to add more company reviews in the coming months.

Currently, the top three tax relief companies are Tax Defense Network, Optima Tax Relief, and

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