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Prosyn Campaigns to Bring SuperFast Fibre Broadband to London Businesses


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/07/2015 -- Prosyn, a company providing network services and IT support to London businesses, is fighting back against the lack of infrastructure for fast internet connections in the City of London.  A hub of entrepreneurship, the financial centre of the British capital has the single highest density of businesses in the UK.  Entrepreneurs based in the area are relying on the internet to innovate, create new products and communicate with customers. Yet the availability of fibre broadband in the Square Mile area is virtually zero, and few concrete plans have been made to replace the old copper cables that provide only slow and unreliable internet access.

Broadband infrastructure is essential for any business trying to compete in the fast-growing global digital economy.  Services ranging from cloud computing to e-commerce, the backbone of modern entrepreneurship, depend heavily on fast and reliable internet connections.  Even simple operations like contacting customers via email are encumbered by slow internet connectivity, thus limiting employee performance considerably.  If businesses in the City are not provided with the same high internet speeds that are available in other major financial centres around the world, they will eventually lag behind in global competitiveness.

Prosyn is urging businesses to react against this very visible danger.  What has become clear, however, to the team that is behind the campaign for fast broadband, is how very few business people who work in London's financial center actually know the facts; the average coverage of fibre broadband in the Square Mile is between 0% and 20%. That leaves 80%, up to 4.8million people who work in the area, having to deal with shockingly poor internet.

The company is planning to increase awareness of the problem by contacting business in the City, as well as in the West End area of London, where the situation is equally dire, and gathering information about connectivity speeds in the workplace. This information will then be compiled into a map that will show real-time coverage and average speed. The findings will be presented to local MPs, BT and government for feedback.

Prosyn invites businesses of all types within the City and the West End of London that are being adversely affected by the lack of modern internet infrastructure, to join the campaign for superfast fibre broadband.  They can tweet their support using the hashtag  #FibreCampaignLDN or register for updates by clicking the link above the infographic that Prosyn has created to highlight the main areas of concern:

Finally, owners of small businesses in central London who are still unsure whether fibre broadband could actually benefit their workflow, can click on the following links to find out which IT services could be greatly improved by the availability of fibre broadband:

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