SWEAT IT OUT Announces Ultimate Body Armor Carrier Compression Shirt Available


Norristown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/07/2015 -- Whether it is the duty of law enforcement, military training, working out or going hunting, the body armour carrier compression shirt by SWEAT IT OUT® provides extra muscle strength. When it comes to strenuous activities such as exercising or carrying out a physical job, the muscles can become sore or injured. To prevent chronic conditions from occurring to the body, individuals can wear compression apparel, which provides extra support. SWEAT IT OUT® is pleased to announce that their ultimate body armor carrier compression shirt is now available to order. The company invites customers to shop their compression shirts, made of the finest materials.

The ultimate body armor carrier compression shirt by SWEAT IT OUT® is made of 70% COOLMAX® fabric and 30% LYCRA® fiber, which allows it to feel extremely comfortable in all temperatures, hot or cold. The shirt does not shift while walking, running, or driving, putting the individual in complete control of his or her movements. The garment fits close to the skin and compresses so that it doesn't lift up when entering or exiting a vehicle throughout the day. Because the body armor carrier shirt is not designed with ballistic protection, it is meant to be worn as a second skin.

The shirt helps with excess sweating by keeping the skin cool and dry. Customers can be assured that they will feel great wearing the body armor shirt alone, without having a separate T-shirt on. With a flexible and light design, the ultimate carrier compression shirt minimizes muscle vibration so that tendinitis, rashes, and fatigue can be avoided. In addition, SWEAT IT OUT® also has compression tights available to buy.

For more information on the ultimate body armor carrier compression shirt, please visit their website.

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