Sierra Tree Care

Sierra Tree Care Expands Services to Cover the Cities of Chico, Paradise and Magalia

The Butte County company known for its affordable professional tree services is expanding its range to help homeowners save their trees and avoid costly and dangerous mistakes.


Paradise, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/14/2015 -- Proper tree care is a necessity for beautiful landscaping. When trees are not maintained as they should be, the result could be irreversible damage to the trees or a danger to the people around them. Sierra Tree Care, a local arborist company, recently announced the launching of a public awareness campaign to educate property owners to the importance of tree care and help them to understand how simple it can be to do what is right.

Sierra Tree Care founder and spokesman Brian Kopka explained, "There is no way to overestimate the value of trees. They provide shade, shelter homes from weather extremes and are homes themselves to numerous wildlife species. They also produce oxygen. In fact, a mature tree can produce as much oxygen as 10 people will need in a year."

Sierra Tree Care wants everyone to realize that humans need to do more to care for their trees than just planting one now and then and watching them grow. Every tree should be inspected regularly to watch for invasive pests, diseases and injury. They also need to be properly pruned and given the appropriate amount of water and drainage in their soil.

This type of work is important, but it can also be dangerous. That is why they urge all property owners to only allow a professional arborist to manage their trees. Kopka explained, "Arborists are highly trained tree specialists. They understand the needs of trees, but also the dangers they can pose. Every year we see the damage left behind by falling limbs and downed trees. Many of these instances could have been prevented if the trees had been monitored correctly."

Kopka described how they also see healthy trees that have been damaged beyond repair by pruning and trimming completed by people who were not properly qualified. "We know homeowners avoid hiring people to perform some services because they want to save money," stated Kopka. "That is why Sierra Tree Care offers their expert services at affordable prices. We want everyone to feel confidant their yards are safe and we never want to see trees taken down when it is not necessary."

In addition to urging more homeowners to become aware of the value of tree services, Sierra Tree Care also wants everyone to know that their experts are now covering the cities of Chico, Paradise and Magalia. Now, there is no reason for these towns to ever have anything except lush, healthy and perfectly trimmed trees.

About Sierra Tree Care
Sierra Tree Care was founded by Brian Kopka, a certified arborist with over twenty years of experience in the trade. He has a long and varied work history and his experience as a wild land firefighter helped him to understand the importance of the proper care of trees and other vegetation. He began Sierra Tree Care to assist homeowners in their desire to have beautiful landscapes, but to make certain they were also safe at the same time. The company is fully licensed and bonded and offers a full-range of tree services.