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Leo Young SEO and Digital Marketing Consulting Announces a New Approach to SEO

Attorneys need to focus on people clients follow, read or subscribe to, as opposed to their website or potential clients, reports Adlorica.com


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/07/2015 -- Leo Young SEO and Digital Marketing Consulting announces a new approach to SEO for attorneys. Individuals in this industry often focus on their website or potential clients. This company believes doing so is a mistake and that attorneys need to focus on those individuals clients follow, read or subscribe to.

"Too often, the focus is on keywords, backlinks and articles, as many believe this is what SEO is about. In reality, it is a blend of technical know-how and marketing which places the emphasis on quality rather than quantity. When one adheres to smart promotion and the fundamentals, he or she finds more clients come from the website," Leo Young, founder of Leo Young SEO and Digital Marketing Consulting, explains.

Google continuously updates their algorithm. Many know of the Penguin and Panda updates, as numerous sites were downgraded in the search engines following these upgrades. What many fail to realize is Google performs countless updates every year, many of which barely make the news. Each update has the potential to lead to a downgrade of a website.

"To avoid this, attorneys need to turn their focus to individuals their clients pay attention to. When they do so, they find that Google algorithm upgrades don't concern them any longer. Google penalties are no longer an issue when one takes this approach to SEO," Young continues.

When one uses this approach to SEO, they turn to readers, subscribers and loyal followers of potential clients. These individuals can link to an attorney's website and drive traffic to this site. Attorneys often overlook this technique, yet cannot afford to do so as this technique gives them an unfair advantage over competitors while still allowing them to follow the rules.

"Change the way SEO and digital marketing is viewed. Doing so allows one to engage the right people. The website remains of great importance, thus one should never neglect this, yet SEO is much more than this. Attorneys need to gain every edge over their rivals and this is one way to do so," Young proclaims. "Click here to read more or visit www.adlorica.com to learn how Leo Young SEO and Digital Marketing Consulting is changing the way attorneys attract clients."

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Many continue to operate under the belief that SEO is nothing more than keywords, backlinks and articles. Leo Young learned that SEO requires a great deal more than this. It requires technical know-how along with marketing which values quality over quantity. Adhering with the fundamentals and smart promotion is significantly more important for those who wish to bring clients to their site. Leo Young assists busy attorneys who choose to focus on providing the best advocacy for their clients as opposed to learning digital marketing techniques in an effort to reach more clients via the Internet.