New Services Available in Connolly Counseling & Assessment, Pasadena


Pasadena, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/07/2015 -- Connolly Counseling & Assessment – Pasadena would like to introduce their new programs – addiction treatment, couples therapy, educational testing psychiatry, mobile psychological assessment, and mental health private practice consultation.

Connolly Counseling & Assessment's addiction treatment is a multi-faceted program that tackles drug and alcohol abuse, dependence, and its peripheral disorders simultaneously. Support groups and family support groups are available to strengthen the patient's relationships and promote awareness of their condition to loved ones. Their addiction program also comes with sober coaching to reintegrate the patient to a sober lifestyle seamlessly.

Couples therapy produces the best results when it is handled by licensed professionals who have undergone rigorous training and use evidenced-based practices to address each couples' needs. It helps couples cope with difficulties in and out of the relationship – communication problems, sexual difficulties, losses, etc. It is also very valuable in preparing couples for marriage. The therapy is designed to identify problems, foster an environment where couples can open up to each other, and strengthen the relationship towards the end of the therapy.

Connolly Counseling & Assessment also offers Educational Testing Psychiatry to identify a person's learning strengths and weaknesses. These evaluations are very useful among children. Their teachers may use the results of this test as a guide in creating an instructional design. By identifying existing and/or possible disorders and stumbling blocks, these problems may be rightfully addressed.

The Center embraces the advancement in technology through its Mobile Psychological Assessment services. Clients do not have to travel far to avail of these services, as the name connotes. Only a stable Wi-Fi connection and a private room are needed for these assessments, administered by the Center's professional psychologists. Results are delivered faster than the normal assessment mode, which makes this service really convenient.

A new service is available for mental health professionals, too. There is a growing number of mental health professionals that want to shift to private practice, but there are little educational resources available that create a customized plan based on each professional's individual goals. Connolly Counseling & Assessment's Mental Health Private Practice Consultation goes beyond the conventional conferences and seminars by designing plans fit for diverse mental health professionals. To learn more about the practice's services, visit today.

About Connolly Counseling & Assessment
Connolly Counseling & Assessment is a practice that offers a wide range of psychological services. It's team of certified mental health professionals that is led by Dr. Bob Connolly, a certified professional by Psychology today and located at 711 E. Walnut Ave., Ste. Suite 201 Pasadena, CA 91101. His practice is regarded as one of the best.