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The Boating Hub Website Launched to Simplify Sailing Training for Aspiring Hobbyists

Making training courses faster and easier to find helps boaters make the most of their hobby, publishes


Macclesfield, Cheshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/09/2015 -- Boating industry studies reveal more than 10 million people across the world show some level of interest in sailing as a hobby. Despite this sizable percentage, few are aware of the complexity of the guidelines involved. With this in mind, Lee Jackson has launched The Boating Hub Ltd, the only website of its kind devoted to helping aspiring sailing enthusiasts unravel the intricacies they may face.

Jackson elaborated, "We're the only online portal listing the full details of training centers around the world as well as their upcoming courses. We make it easy to for viewers to find the courses they need, local centers offering them, and convenient dates for training. This helps sailing, powerboat and dinghy hobbyists more easily prepare for pursuing their interests both locally and abroad."

The website offers course FAQ pages pertaining to the Royal Yachting Association, the American Sailing Association, U.S. Sailing and training for various international qualifications. Since regulations tend to vary by country, the industry recommends those who intend to sail on international waters be well versed in a number of aspects ranging from simple operation of their boats to basic maritime law. Safety is also a topic widely covered in training.

Training is required in order to become licensed to legally operate each type of vessel; at the same time, training courses are vital to the safety of the operator, his or her passengers and others on the open water. Boaters additionally need to be prepared for any dangers they may face, such as severe storms. The Boating Hub website emphasizes the fact that many countries' regulations and certifications are not recognized beyond their own borders, making numerous qualifications crucial to those who intend to travel internationally.

In addition to consolidating worldwide course information on one website, The Boating Hub is also offering a free eBook entitled, "How to Learn to Sail". As a beginner's guide to qualification and licensure across the globe, the book covers regulations in various countries as well as obtaining the International Certificate of Competence. This qualifies the recipient to sail in all European countries.

Concluded Jackson, "There's much more to sailing than hauling up the sails and heading out on an adventure. Being licensed, certified and well trained is required. We allow visitors to input their desired course, location and date, and our website does all the hard work of locating it. Of course, if they prefer, they can simply browse all the courses available and choose them on their own."

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Developed by those with a wealth of passion and experience for boating, The Boating Hub is a unique website providing fast and easy access to training courses necessary for making the most of boating and sailing.