Research Unveiled: Drinking Earl Grey Tea a Day Lowers Blood Pressure and Heart Attack

An ingredient“bergamot”, present in Earl Grey can drastically help in lowering the cholesterol and can act as a good statin.


Fairhope, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2015 -- Earl Grey does not just have unique and delicious flavor, rather it has lots of health benefits too. A research was conducted and it was found that drinking three cups of Earl Grey tea daily may assist lower the risk for heart diseases. In the conducted research, people who drank 3 cups of Earl Grey a day noticed a good drop in the level of blood triglyceride and rise in the good cholesterol HDL in 3 months. An increase in the antioxidant level was also noticed, which essentially helps in fighting against the free radicals that damage the cells.

Actually, the bergamot extract, a core ingredient in the tea is very effective in controlling the cholesterol level. The research was carried out on 200 people having higher levels of blood fats. After taking the Earl Grey tea for one month, it was found that the LDL (also known as bad cholesterol) was cut by 39%. It elevated the HDL (known as good cholesterol) by 41% and reduced the blood sugar by 22%. The decrease in blood sugar level also shows that drinking Earl Grey tea can be greatly beneficial for diabetic patients.

Bergamot, a sweet-smelling, citrus fruit containing Hydroxy Methyl Glutaryl Flavonones or HMGF, obstructs the protein responsible for causing heart diseases. Moreover, citrus fruits are considered as of the best way for preventing heart disease. The bergamot is also used for curing inflammation, wounds and also as an antiseptic. Bergamot has some amazing natural aromatherapy qualities which yield calming effect on people, and assist in boosting a person's mood. A cup of Earl Grey is a natural and ideal solution for people suffering from stress, depression, and anxiety.

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