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Spring Lawn Aeration May Eliminate the Need to Dethatch

Save time and duplication of effort by aerating a lawn in the spring


Warren, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/14/2015 -- Some lawn care companies may suggest clients have an annual aeration and dethatching performed in the spring to ready lawns for the cutting season. This may very well be overkill and possibly does more harm than good. A well timed spring aeration, without dethatching, may take care of both issues.

For cool season grasses, the general agreement is that lawn aeration and dethatching should be done just before the healthiest growth period, so that grass has the best chance at recovery.

Trying to dethatch or aerate in early spring can hurt a lawn by damaging root crowns when they are young and vulnerable. Early fall is said to be the best time for cool season grasses, when temperatures are in the ideal range for growth, and the root crowns have already been well established.

There does seem to be one exception.

Most cool season grasses do not require frequent dethatching (maybe once every other year in the fall), so aeration in the spring just before the grass really takes off can have some benefit. The grass during this period will rebound well, and take optimum advantage of the aeration, rather than struggle to recover.

Moderate thatch is healthy for lawns, and if it isn't severe enough to require dedicated dethatching, aeration can help to maximize the positive aspects of thatch while also keeping it scaled back for the remainder of the season.

Aeration should be performed when the soil is moist to allow tines to penetrate easily, but not when soil is muddy and saturated. Never aerate when the soil is dry and hard. Turf can be prepared for aeration by watering in advance.

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