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New Car Technologies That Reduce the Cost of Auto Insurance


North Hollywood, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/09/2015 -- A new article explaining the impact of technology on car insurance rates has been released. The information presented in the blog post will help many drivers understand the connection between their vehicle's condition and their auto insurance rates.

Some technological enhancements can make a vehicle safer and improve the overall driving experience. Drivers who purchase certain gadgets like smart headlights, drowsy driving alert systems or emergency response system can actually improve their auto insurance rates.

An agency is always interested in how safe a vehicle is. Safety is a keyword when it comes to determining auto insurance prices: the safer a vehicle is, the lower the premiums will be. The driver also counts. People who have a bad driving record and a history of DUI arrests will be expected to pay more for coverage. On the other hand, married people who drive big safe family cars can benefit from a discount.

Drivers can now find the best auto insurance quotes online. By visiting, drivers can compare multiple policies in just a few minutes. The process is simple, convenient and free.

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