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Innovative Business to Business Lead Generation Software Increases Sales Automatically


Nottingham, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2015 -- The business-to-business sector depends on effective lead generation to supply sales teams with prospects. Android Marketing, a UK based software company have created a software-based local business marketing machine that makes the process of finding B2B leads simple, and easy.

The Email Marketing Robot is specially developed B2B email marketing software that replaces the need to purchase B2B leads, and allows business owners to generate unlimited B2B leads at the touch of a button.

Simply tell the Email Marketing Robot the business types to look for, and the geographic area that the businesses operate in, and the software goes to work finding businesses, sending them a one-time email, and generating b2b targeted leads on auto-pilot!

Growth hackers (a growing community of marketers who are embracing modern advances), are increasingly recommending the strategy of cold outreach emails to generate demand in the business-to-business sector.

By using marketing automation software solutions, such as the Email Marketing Robot, business owners can spend more time on their business, and less time on generating leads, because once set up, the software will continue to generate more warm leads until it runs out of businesses to contact.

Built-in anti-spam measures ensure that companies are not disturbed by more than one email, and the makers of the software give some handy tips for users to reduce the chance of any spam complaints.

"A good win-win offer will provide an obvious benefit to the recipient, and will be targeted precisely enough to ensure that only interested parties will receive it", said James Winsoar, the software developer.

The software will only email each business once, and keeps track of every email sent. The software actively avoids emailing a website more than once, so the chance of being reported for spam using the system is negligible.

About The Email Marketing Robot
The Robot can be used for local business marketing to send out offers to businesses in the area, for larger companies who want to target specific company types throughout the country, and even by Government departments who need to send out announcements of changes in legislation etc. to certain business categories.

The Email Marketing Robot is available with a free trial, and there are monthly or annual licensing operations available. Most businesses will find the software pays for itself within one or two sales, say the developers.

James Winsoar
Software Developer
Android Marketing
Phone: +447967646039
Twitter: @androidmktng