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Paid Surveys 2015 Releases Top 5 Reasons to Participate in Online Polls and Surveys


Orange, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/09/2015 -- Everyone has an opinion and James Wagner, found of Paid Surveys 2015, announced that the site is assisting individuals who want to make their thoughts known. The firm is a comprehensive resource for news about legitimate surveys and polls and how the opportunities work.

"Surveys and polls offer anyone with the opportunity to make extra cash," said Wagner. "Legitimate polls and surveys don't require any financial outlay. All that's involved is the individual's time and opinion."

Paid Surveys 2015 provides people with links where they can sign up for legitimate online surveys and polls from reputable companies. A variety of manufacturers employ polls and surveys as part of their marketing research or to test market new products. People with spare time on their hands can profit from those surveys. Loyalty and reward programs provide participants with additional perks for taking surveys.

Depending upon the project, people can earn incentives that include cash, prizes and contest entries. It's particularly beneficial for students, retirees, the unemployed and stay-at-home parents. Surveys and polls can be completed whenever it's convenient for the individual from anywhere in the world.

Wagner listed the following as the Top 5 advantages for people sharing their opinion through paid surveys:

Earn extra money – Survey takers aren't going to earn enough to quit their day job, but it's possible to make enough cash to pay a monthly bill or two, buy some groceries or fill the gas tank a couple of times a month. It's important for individuals to know that online claims of incomes of $1,000 or more a month aren't typical, but can be obtained in rare instances.

They're free – A reputable survey or poll never asks respondents for money. Companies want honest and unbiased opinions and are willing to provide individuals with incentives to obtain them.

Be heard – Surveys give participants the opportunity to let companies know what they really think.

Rewards – Companies typically provide survey takers with cash, but incentives run the gamut, including deep discounts on products and services, gift cards and electronics, along with free samples, food or clothing.

Live better – The monetary rewards are welcome, but individuals shouldn't discount the power of gift cards, discounts and coupons. They can add up to an evening out of dancing, dining or movie-going. As the cost of entertainments has increased, many families have had to eliminate enjoyable outings from their budget. Taking surveys can restore them.

Paid Surveys 2015 provides individuals with everything needed to begin taking surveys for cash and other incentives. The website keeps individuals apprised of current polls and surveys and helps them separate scams from reputable surveys to make their experience easy, fun and profitable.

For more information, call 413-422-2199 or visit Paid Surveys 2015 online.

About Paid Surveys 2015
Located at 2845 Leverton Cove Rd. in Orange, MA, Paid Surveys 2015 was formed to bring awareness to taking paid surveys online for absolutely free while helping people to tell the legitimate survey sites from the scams. Paid Surveys 2015 is an excellent resource for those who are unemployed or those who may just be looking for a little extra cash for the holiday season.

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