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Creadition Set to Launch Next Generation 3D Printing Material


San Juan, Puerto Rico -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/09/2015 -- Creadition, a company dealing in 3D printing is all set to launch Filamento world's next generation 3D printing material. Filamento is a premium grade filament available in a wide variety of colors and materials.

Speaking to the media, a representative of the company said, "We are glad that we are soon coming up with high quality 3D printing material.  Our team of experts has worked really hard to produce printing filaments. The material will make 3D printing more advanced. Now you are just a few months away to experience Filamento 3D material experience." He further added, "We have always tried to provide quality material to the customer at affordable price and aim to continue with the same in times to come as well."

Filamento 3D material has been developed after much research. It is a product that leaves no residues and bubbles, and does not contain any foreign or particulate matter. It also makes printing reliable and accurate. By using the material of highest standard, brightest colours and sharpest prints are obtained. Finest grade raw material will be used in production of 3D printing material.

The product is available in two sizes - 1.7 mm and 3mm. There are different series of filaments available including pla, abs, nylon, wood, crystallized, dissolvable, flexible and others. Latest technology and equipments are used to make Filamento 3D material.

Company has tried to make its product sustainable and used reusable material. Sources confirmed that many manufactures and designers are waiting for this product to be launched.

When asked one of the designers said, "These filaments will be a new revolution in the printing world. They look really promising. I am just waiting for Filamento 3D material to be launched soon so that I can make creative designs with the help of 3D printing."

Customer would be able to choose any colour or type according to the preference. Creadition has launched a kickstarter campaign as well for raising funds for the production and marketing of their offering. They aim to generate $17,485 via the same.

About Creadition
Creadition specializes in premium 3D printing supplies. They distribute their products around the globe. The company works on four principles - value, quality, innovation and sustainability.

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Contact Person: Michael X. Infante
Contact number: 787-309-7170
Address:  1325 Ave. San Ignacio Apt. 8-b
San Juan, Puerto Rico  0921
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