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The Bobby Fulton Story: Gripping New Novel Captures Bygone Greatness of America; Exposing Self-Serving "Illusion" of Modern Politics

Masterfully crafted by Robert Starosciak, ‘The Bobby Fulton Story’ follows a young Princeton graduate who is determined to become the youngest person in history to win a national election in New Jersey. Aside from taking readers deep into the inner-workings of a political campaign, Starosciak’s narrative achieves so much more – waking the nation up to the altruism that has died in politics, and how once-idealistic servers of the people have become Capitol Hill celebrities concerned only with lining their public image and back pockets. This is a story of an America where anything was once possible…


Middletown, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/09/2015 -- As the 2016 Presidential Election roars into battle, scandal after scandal will surely hit the news media. From misuse of campaign funds and resources to shocking stories of personal romps, one thing is obvious – today's elected officials are only in it for themselves. A powerful and thought-provoking new novel from Robert Starosciak depicts what went wrong; how the world of politics lost its ideals and replaced them with a thirst for power.

It all unravels in 'The Bobby Fulton Story', kicking off in small-town New Jersey during the 1960s.


Bobby Fulton is the kind of man everyone can't help but love; he's charming, gorgeous, brilliant, and determined.

Can a young newcomer such as Bobby Fulton stand a chance of winning a congressional seat against the mighty political machine? How a once idealistic candidate quickly learns the hard lessons of reality-and how it changes him forever. What does it say about all of us?

The Bobby Fulton Story is a fictional account of a boy, who grows up in small town America in the 1960s, attends Princeton University, and dares to run for a seat in a New Jersey congressional district. Against all odds, he enlists the help of a college friend and political pro as they plot a strategy for him to become the youngest person ever to win a national election in the Garden State.

This story is a realistic mirror into a much simpler time in our country; a time when youngsters played baseball games in the summertime on makeshift fields; a time when a tiny working class town could flourish; a time when a new president made us all feel young and hopeful. But The Bobby Fulton Story is also an intimate portrayal of the inner workings of a real political campaign. It is a tale of an amazing quest against an intimidating political adversary who will do anything to succeed. It reveals what it takes to win it all, from the grueling ground game, to the extravagant fundraisers held in the homes of charlatans. And it is also about the age-old story of when loves finally deceives in the dirty game of politics.

But above all, this fictional tale reminds us how we all changed in our journey from 1963. A time when we could trust and respect our elected representatives; a time when America stood at the pinnacle of the world; a time when we challenged ourselves to shoot for the stars; a time when we thought the future was only ours. Now, intractable politicians ensure their jobs for life, the successful political campaigns are saturated only with money, our nation is but a part of an ever-growing global community, and we have compromised our values merely for illusions.

Where do we go from here? How can the country regain its swagger and once again lead? Where can we find the Bobby Fulton's of long ago, who had the passion and thirst to make us all better.

"People need to realize that the political landscape has dramatically changed for the worse," explains Starosciak. "Individual politicians were once driven by visions – visions they worked on tirelessly to bring to fruition, allowing seemingly-unknown citizens to affect great positive change on the nation. But, the reality is that many of these officials have since become part of the establishment and have destroyed the noble image they once held."

Continuing, "I hope this book gives some vital insight into the changes that have taken place, as well as the difficulties and sheer bone-grinding work required to effectively run a political campaign – especially as the underdog. Readers will be left with plenty to think about as Fulton witnesses the transition of his peers from people with a dream for their country to members of an exclusive political club – in their jobs for life and concerned only with pushing their own agendas. If you want to discover what happens, you'll need to buy the book!"

Since its release, the novel has garnered a string of rave reviews. Pat comments, "For anyone upset by the seemingly impersonal politics of today, reading Bobby's story will remind us of what draws someone to first enter the political arena; namely the desire to help their constituents and the county. A delightful read peopled with young enthusiastic characters devoted to their candidate's success, Bobby Fulton's story will introduce readers to the political challenges and day-to-day grueling schedule that go into the making of a candidate for Representative in the United States Congress."

Barbara D. adds, "Outstanding story! Is a good history lesson of how politics changed with the election of 1980. If only the 1980 version of Bobby Fulton existed today."

'The Bobby Fulton Story', from Brighton Publishing LLC, is available now: http://amzn.to/1c8geRW

About Robert Starosciak
Robert Starosciak holds a BA and MA from Seton Hall University and a Masters in Public Administration from Rutgers University. He is a former public school English teacher, and has been in the investment management business for thirty years, as a Vice President of both Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner & Smith and Legg Mason Wood Walker.

In 1978, He worked on Bill Bradley's first campaign for the U.S. Senate. He is currently employed by a major New York investment firm. He and his wife Susan reside in Monmouth County New Jersey and Sarasota Florida.