My Identity Doctor Offers 10 Tips for a Safe and Stylish Prom This Spring


Lakewood, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/09/2015 -- Traditionally, April and May means prom season for high school students across America. Prom is one of the most important events for teens in high school, and it's often as well-planned as many weddings. Prom has the dual purpose of saying goodbye to old friends and a new life in college, while also celebrating the high school years.

Prom safety is a huge concern for everyone in the community in the spring time when the majority of proms are held., a website that specializes in preventative care through the use of pre-engraved medical jewelry, offers 10 tips for a safe and stylish prom:

1)Adults Must be Present. Teenagers may like to think they are adults, but they aren't, adults must be present throughout the prom and post-prom activities to chaperone the teenagers and keep activities under control.

2)Safe Driving. Whoever is driving the teens back and forth to the prom and post-prom activities should not be drinking at all throughout the night.

3)Medical Alert Jewelry. Many teens have severe allergies and some have medical issues. Prom night, with its excitement and festivities, may create a serious situation, that's why teens should wear a kid's medical bracelet or some other medical alert jewelry to stay safe.

4)Proper amount of Food. Eating too little and eating too much are both equally problematic. A proper amount of food should be consumed to alleviate dizziness and stomach issues.

5)Unprotected Sex. Every generation knows that prom night is a night of attempted or actualized sexual activity. Coaching teens on proper use of birth control is imperative.

6)No Alcohol for Teens. It's illegal for teens to drink, however, if there is alcohol at the event or post-prom activity, alcohol consumption should be limited.

7)No Alcohol for Adults. Monitoring teens is a big task. The adults in charge should refrain from drinking to ensure that the teens stay safe.

8)No Drugs. Drugs have no place at prom. Most schools have a strict anti-drug policy where if a student (or adult) is found with drugs, they are immediately removed from the prom.

9)Drive Safely. Driving is hard enough even when sober. Nighttime requires extra focus and concentration and weather conditions could make driving even more difficult. On top of that, extra teens in the car create an even more dangerous environment.

10)No Violence. Teens are already known for their racing hormones. Prom is not the place to exert dominance.

A spokesperson from My Identity Doctor stated, "If everyone involved in the prom follows these ten helpful rules, hopefully, prom will go off without a hitch and everyone will be in school the following Monday to talk about it."

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