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San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2015 -- (TBC) reviews and ranks companies across several industries using weighted criterias. Coming May 1st will be the launch of the VPN review site.This will not only give expert reviews on VPN services but also allows consumers to leave their personal experiences behind as well. (TBC) sees the increasing need for an unbiased review site–A place where consumers can go to get a fair ranking of potential companies for their specific needs. VPN services is the next review site to be launched with TBC on May 1st.

The VPN services review site will include the following:

Individual reviews per company
Individual scores per company
Blog posts specifically about VPN services
Expert Reviews
Consumer Reviews

VPN stands for virtual private network. For an industry that is quite unknown to the general public, TBC provides resources for consumers to learn about the specific company and industry as a whole.

Consumers do not always know what they are looking for until they know details about the company and industry. TBC provides expert reviews on various companies in the industry. TBC also allows for company review requests, in case the consumer has a specific one in mind already.

The VPN review site is not just for consumers. This site provides additional advertising for the company as well. Since the site is set up in a way that the company's service will speak for itself, it is another way for a consumer to find the best companies in the industry.

A few criteria that will be used to rank VPN services will be:

Customer Support

The options listed above are just a few of the features that VPN companies will be rated on. The weighted scale of TBC's criteria allow for more important features to be counted higher, giving a more accurate ranking of the company.

"VPNs are commonly used with businesses and educational facilities. This allows people to connect remotely to their needed network, like a student accessing his school network," says website manager Marcia Wheadon.

In today's culture, it is extremely difficult to get by without the use of a computer. Businesses, educational facilities, banks, stores, etc. all use the internet to share information. VPN services create a way to protect that information.

The VPN Services review site will be up and running starting May 1st. For those in need of a virtual private network, they will have all the answers right at their fingertips.

About (TBC) is a review site that gathers all the information consumers want to know about companies. TBC uses their team of experts to research and review companies with its proprietary 11-point ranking criteria. Along with expert reviews, TBC allows customers to share their insight, experience and reviews on the companies.

For more information please visit TBC VPN Services.

Marcia Wheadon
Content Management Specialist