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Bangalore, Karnataka -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/13/2015 -- Small and medium businesses now have a better and pocket-friendly alternative to costly hosted email service providers, like, Mailchimp, Aweber, etc. EasySendy, a software service, manages Sendy installation and hosting.

The market is full of services that lets SMBs connect with their customers via email. However, when the subscriber list crosses 5000, then it becomes challenging for these companies to keep a check on their budget while meeting the marketing demands.

Sendy uses the infrastructure of Amazon SES as email sending gateway. Hence, email campaigns are now fast and can be easily hosted on cloud server. Emails sent through Amazon SES cost only $1 for 10,000 emails.

Challenges in hosting Sendy the right way

Sendy comes with a host of features like multiple brands, lists, email campaigns, email list management, reporting dashboard, click, open analysis, email template management and autoresponders. But there is one complication with Sendy. The installation & integration process of Sendy is not easy. It requires a lot of technical knowledge and capabilities to install it in one go. If an entrepreneur is hoping to install it all alone, then he/she has to be adept with php, mysql, apache server, IP address, DNS, DKIM and so much more!

EasySendy – Managed Hosting for Sendy

But it is not necessary for every company to have an in-house tech genius or employ a whole team of technical people to install and maintain Sendy. Sendy can be seamlessly hosted with its supporting software service EasySendy, also described as one click managed Sendy Hosting service. This allows businesses to deploy Sendy on EasySendy optimized server in a click, without having to worry about installation process. EasySendy has a very prompt and no-nonsense support team to help SMBs with the installation process. Businesses can use their existing Sendy license to get going with customized email campaigns.

Here is a quick look at everything EasySendy does-

-Host Pre-Installed Sendy platform
-Plug and Play with existing Sendy License
-Pre-configured Cron jobs for scheduling
-Pre-configured Cron jobs for autoresponders
-Amazon Route 53 DNS Setup
-Email sending Domain verification & integration
-DKIM and SPF Records Verification Setup
-Bounce and Complaint setup with Amazon SES & SNS
-Configure SMTP of your choice; Mandrill, SendGrid, etc.
-Backup of files and database
-99.9% Uptime Guarantee
-Trusted and Secure Server

The impromptu support team is available 24/7 to help businesses with any and every query they have regarding the software.

SMBs can send a host of emails and yet save almost $5k every month. It has the exact configuration with Amazon SES which enables email campaigns to happen on a larger scale. Even if the subscriber list crosses 5000, the marketing budget will not be affected heavily. Rather the ROI in using EasySendy with Amazon SES will drastically reduce the cost incurred otherwise.

About EasySendy
Sendy is a php application which is in market for a long time and has worked extensively on integrating Amazon Simple Email Service ( SES ) and Amazon Simple Notification Service ( SNS ) closely. When you integrate Sendy with Amazon SES and SNS, you get access to most of the core features of a fully functional email service provider. With this close integration, you get report on email opens, bounce, spam and delivery. Sendy does it all automatically and cleans the email subscriber list according to unsubscribed, bounced, and spam marked emails. Moreover with marketing campaign manager and email template editor, Sendy also uses multi thread technology to process the emails from your server to Amazon SES server quickly.

The EasySendy pricing is very much affordable. SMBs can add up to 300,000 subscribers at $19/month and at $29/month they can add almost 600,000 subscribers, along with higher speed. Price of sending email will be directly paid through SMBs Amazon AWS account. SMBs can also opt for the Enterprise Plans at $49 per month if they have larger needs.

So if you were looking for next generation alternative to MailChimp, Aweber or Constant Contact. EasySendy is the best and probably the only cost-effective solution in the market. Save more to do more!

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