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New Sports Blog Is Born

Santiago Colautti Sport is a new sport blog in spanish created recently by Argentinean journalist student Santiago Colautti. The first blog that treats all sports equally, far away from fanaticism and confrontations


San Isidro, Buenos Aires -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2015 -- Santiago Colautti Sport is the new blog of Santiago Colautti, a simple sport passionate and journalism student who, like many others in the world, thinks sport is a way of living. They breathe sport every day, talk about sports and interested in everything related to sport.

In Santiago Colautti Sport all about sports will be discussed, and of course everything about main sports like soccer, tennis, motor sports, rugby, volleyball, swimming, equestrian, Olympic sports, extreme sports and all the sports in general, also as all related themes about sport and the way of life of an athlete.

The healthy life is also important in this blog, health is very important. Santiago Colautti believes that without health there canĀ“t be sport, these two things that are intimately related. Sport and health is the same thing, meaning to live life the fullest way, the easier and faster way to be happy.

According its creator: "blog aims to become a true meeting point for sport lovers without fanaticism or competitive obsession, a place where to meet other people whit same sports spirit. Pure, healthy and friendly, that is something very important for my", said Santiago Colautti in an interview.

And continued saying: "searching and exploring on the Internet, I could not find a blog that take care of all sports equally, or being completely objective. At least in my country, almost all sports blogs tend to choose a side, team or even a sport with which they identify, I could not find blogs that treat all sports equally and with a healthy sporting spirit, free of pressures or personal prejudices".

That's why this new blog, baptized with the name of its creator, promises to become a meeting place for sport lovers, far away from the sport fanaticism and clashes, the love for the sport in its purest state will be present. The true goal of the blog is to express the nobility of the sport faithfully, sportsmanship in his most noble and pure facet. Important thing is not winning or knowing who the best is. Important thing is to practice sports, make friends, have an exercised body and lead a healthy life.

About Santiago Colautti Sports Blog
Santiago Colautti sports blog is a place where to find out the latest sports news, results of major tournaments, news from the world of sport, references, notes and interviews with elite athletes, tips to practice sport, news about teams and much more. A blog where to learn everything related to sports, a current blog about sports in general.

Responsible for the blog and author of publications, Santiago Colautti, expects to have a great response in his country and in all Spanish-speaking countries, and of course that invites everyone to his blog and participate in social networks either leaving a comment with suggestions, opinions, proposals, criticisms, petitions or simply to leave a greeting.

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