WeddingBing Launched to Help Engaged Couples Design the Perfect Married Life

WeddingBing is a new resource all about married life, told by experienced and successful married couples to help engaged couples plan the perfect wedding to strategies for living happily ever after.


Colorado Springs, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2015 -- Every marriage is different, and despite the reports of increasing divorce rates, the number of weddings remains around the same. This suggests people lack the tools to get their marriage right, though the good intentions are there. WeddingBing is a unique new wedding site, as it provides information and resources for every aspect of a relationship, from the engagement itself to the wedding, then on to married life and even to parenthood. This comprehensive new guide has now been published online and will be regularly updated for a rapidly growing user base.

The website has been launched with a hugely comprehensive resource center, covering everything from engagement and wedding ideas to service providers and useful resources. The site is beyond that of a mere wedding planning resource as individuals can filter the editorials and guides by life stage, including engagement, wedding, marriage and parenthood to find the content that is most relevant to them.

WeddingBing has another secret weapon: the articles contain not just facts, but insights. Insight gleaned from wedding experts and people who have really been there, teaching valuable lessons that they have had to learn the hard way. This provides people with invaluable resources drawn from a thriving community hoping to help make marriage better for everyone.

A spokesperson for WeddingBing explained, "We are confident in saying our site is unique, not only in the breadth and depth of expertise held by its team but in the user experience, and the way individuals access the content. We understand that many people want to cross each bridge as they come to it, and we enable them to do so, customizing the content to match what they're looking for. In this way, WeddingBing is four sites in one, but the valuable advice and recommendations people get from one stage will help build loyalty for future stages, to keep people coming back for more."

About WeddingBing is an online community for newly engaged couples to get information on what to expect during their engagement, information on planning the ultimate wedding, and learning about life after marriage. Their writers range from wedding experts who are professionals in the industry, such as photographers, wedding planners and caterers, to soon-to-be brides, wives, and moms.

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