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Smart LED Bulkhead Lights Emerge to Be a Top Pick

LED bulkhead light manufacturer showcases the latest in design and technology


Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/12/2015 -- LED bulkhead lights have a very specific and an important purpose and that is to guide people through signs and directions. These lights are displayed in most public places, offices, buildings, places of interest etc., wherever there is heavy inflow and outflow of traffic. Considering how functional these lights are, it is important for organizations to invest in a name that is an expert in this regard.

LED bulkhead light manufacturers Eledfactory brings to its customers, a new collection in LED bulkhead lights that have just been released in the market. These lights are a cut above the rest for the exclusive range of features they carry. These LED emergency lights operate on a smart microwave human movement sensor technology which accounts to immense energy savings.

Known as Sunwind LED emergency bulkhead lights, these lights also have a striking design with several other energy saving options. With day and night optional feature as well as exit sticker optional feature, these lights with 8W power deliver an impressive lumen output. This translates to better lightings, visible design and easy use.

The 3000K warm white light that comes out of these surface installed LED bulkhead lights is easy on the eye at the same, time ensures the letters or the sign on top of the light is legible and easy to grasp.

Emergency LED bulkhead lights have to be of the highest standard in order to perform at an optimum level. Sunwind lights brought to the public by are the best example as the product sets the benchmark for other brands to follow.

A professional global emergency lighting technology developer as well as manufacturer, puts a great deal of research, testing and rigorous quality checks to provide customers the best in performance, durability and features.

The brand deals with a wide range of emergency needs including development and manufacture of fire emergency lighting lamps, LED exit sign light, fire emergency power lights, civilian emergency lamps etc.

The company adds small touches of convenience to all its products in order to give customers added value for their money.

All the LED bulkhead emergency lights come with a cover to protect the light and ensure its longevity.

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