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Bandon, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2015 -- There are many passionate writers who require help in completing a work of art and selling it to people across the globe. It requires professionals to achieve the same. Be it coming up with an interesting plot, putting it on paper and publishing and selling it, there are different stages at which the website provides support. Apart from new writers, there are quite a few established ones who have considered the methods mentioned in their pages.

The design of the website is effective. Users need to choose a card from the deck of 101 cards. There are different choices in the same this will help them create characters and be inspired to write an interesting book. This can be done singularly or in a group. Writing for movies, life coaches, projects in schools, teachers, etc, becomes easier. Things such as character building, plot thickening and incidents can be weaved well with the game.

There are different prices that depend on the number of cards one needs from the deck. Users can check the details on their web pages.

The website says, "Being a writer is not easy. Be it fictional, inspirational, funny, knowledgeable, etc, there needs to be some assistance in order to make a book better. The website is one place which helps you be your creative best with the tools available. Apart from authors, there are many others who will benefit from the myriad of products which we offer. Pick a story or an idea from our deck and there is no looking back. "

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The website claims that there are quite a few story plots available in each genre of writing. They are in the form of a pack of cards. Each person can choose from the same and come up with an idea that they like. This saves a lot of time as users can avoid the writers' block and finish their work in a short span of time. Apart from the writing, there are many sales professionals who help new and established writers in increasing their sales.

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