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Kneeling Chair HQ Launches Facebook Page to Promote Reviews Through Social Media publishes high quality reviews of kneeling chairs, and has created a Facebook page to help them promote their content through the social media sharing site.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2015 -- Kneeling chairs offer a unique way of sitting that aims to overcome many of the problems with sitting in conventional chairs. Human bodies were not designed to sit in chairs and chairs have been badly designed to fit our needs and comfort. Kneeling chairs represent a happy medium. Kneeling Chair HQ ( is an online resource center committed to helping people find the best kneeling chairs on the market. Their reviews have become so popular that they have now launched a Facebook page to help them promote their reviews socially.

Kneeling Chair HQ reviews follow a comprehensive format, introducing the concept of kneeling chairs for the uninitiated before going into the specifics of the individual product, reviewing it for robustness, comfort, postural correction properties and unique selling points before evaluating its position in the market and concluding with a recommendation.

The Facebook ( page enables them to broaden the reach of these editorials significantly, by allowing those who found the articles helpful to share them on their own Facebook walls, as well as by allowing them to use promoted posts to engage new audiences organically and create a sense of community through discussions and promotions on the page itself.

A spokesperson for Kneeling Chair HQ explained, "Kneeling Chair HQ is thrilled to be able to launch an official Facebook presence. We not only publish reviews, but we also have a resource center on the benefits of kneeling chairs as well as an online store through which people can purchase our highest rated products at the best prices available. With so much news to share we had to get ourselves on the world's biggest content sharing site, so that people could help us spread the word and also engage with our content in new and unique ways. This is the start of what we hope will be a thriving community."

About Kneeling Chair HQ
Kneeling Chair HQ is an online resource center committed to providing independent, insightful and valuable reviews of consumer kneeling chairs. The site reviews each product thoroughly and their editing team tests each chair to ensure their conclusions are based on real experience. The site is regularly updated as new products enter the market.

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