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Real Estate Assistance League Releases Exclusive New Guide Full of Top Seller's Tips

With many sellers around the country still facing low demand, new, free guide provides proven ways of maximizing the chances for a successful home sale, Real Estate Assistance League reports


Springfield, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2015 -- The Real Estate Assistance League, one of the country's top residential real estate consultants, published a new, free guide for sellers. Titled "Top Seller's Tips," the new publication is designed to help home sellers succeed in today's difficult residential real estate market. Providing agent matching services for both buyers and sellers, in addition to a wide variety of advice and informational resources like the newly published guide, the Real Estate Assistance League has helped thousands of families across the country with their housing needs.

"Although the broader economy has recovered greatly, the residential real estate market is still in a difficult place," Real Estate Assistance League representative Jim Criger said, "With so many buyers having trouble qualifying for mortgages, sellers have to work extra hard to be sure they get what their homes are worth. Our new guide distills the most important knowledge into a clear, accessible format, making it easy for home owners to do everything necessary as they seek to sell a home."

Although the last recession technically ended years ago, the subsequent recovery has not been uniform across the economy. In fact, the housing sector, where those economic troubles originally took root before emanating outward, still languishes across much of the country.

One of the distinctive features of this lagging part of the economy is a marked lack of financing availability. If the housing bubble of the last decade was largely characterized by overly lax lending standards, today's environment is much the opposite, with lenders having greatly tightened up their requirements since.

That means that many sellers around the United States are currently having trouble finding qualified buyers. As one of the top real estate consulting services in the country, the Real Estate Assistance League is well-positioned to help both these sellers and those buyers who could use some experienced, professional guidance as they seek to buy a home.

The Real Estate Assistance League's deep experience with financing means that buyers can rely on the company to help even in tight times like today's. The Real Estate Assistance League also provides a range of other helpful services to buyers, from matching them with appropriate real estate agents to helping them understand the market.

The company's services are just as valuable for those with a house for sale. Real Estate Assistance League experts regularly help sellers with marketing and other important tasks, providing reliable, effective advice that greatly improves the chances of a successful sale. Some of this proven advice can also now be enjoyed in the form of the company's newly published "Top Seller's Tips" publication. A simple sign-up form on the company's website gives visitors access to this helpful guide, entirely free of charge and without obligation.

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Providing both buyers and sellers with the kind of independent, effective advice that lets them master the challenges of the residential real estate market, the Real Estate Assistance League has helped thousands of American families buy and sell homes.