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Vitarank's Take on Singapore's Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Supremacy, and Mobile Domination

With a lot of companies leaning towards search engine marketing, companies and internet marketers should take advantage of Singapore’s internet savvy population to better qualified leads and more conversions.


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/13/2015 -- The vigorous internet and social media users of Singapore has spurred a perfect opportunity for Singapore's digital marketers to further innovate valuable lead generation campaigns that are in sync with the online convention and activities of Singaporeans.

Singapore has realized its goal of reaching 90% broadband reach this year. Notably, Singapore has the highest broadband infiltration approximately above 100% ever since mid 2010. The success is due to the country's Intelligent Nation and the project Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network which has a goal of increasing the country's speed to up to 1Gbps across optical fiber network and to provide free internet access in most places (wireless@sg).

Search Engine Marketing

In Singapore, Google dominates search engine marketing (about 84%) with Yahoo and Bing having on the 2nd and 3rd spot (10.25% and 1.81% respectively). Singapore has an digital advertising market benefitting from the enormous development over the past few years with a compound yearly expansion rate of 25% in 30 months up until June 2010. Based on reports, the augmented expenditures on search advertising was the impetus for the increase in the budget spent on search advertising. As a rippling effect, revenue further expands and the reach is still nowhere its maximum potential still.

With a lot of companies leaning towards search engine marketing, companies and internet marketers should take advantage of Singapore's internet savvy population to better qualified leads and more conversions.

Social Media Supremacy

The following are some interesting facts about Singapore's social media usage:

- Singapore ranks 6th in the world when it comes to Facebook reach and usage (52.4% of all Facebook users are in Singapore which accounts for 67.4% of Singapore's online population).
- Singapore's contribute 2.6 million to the three (3) billion page views per month in Facebook.
- Singapore's Facebook unique visitor is at 81.2%.
- Top audience interest groups are under the categories mobile apps and add-ons, online video, beauty fitness, and pop music.
- In LinkedIn, 14 million page views per month from Singapore users. This is greater than the 5.6% worldwide average.
- Time spent on LinkedIn by Singapore users is at 10 minutes and 50 seconds (which is greater than the worldwide average of 8 minutes and 50 seconds).
- LinkedIn by Singapore users are deeply leaned towards human resources, business services, recruitment with more opportunities being posted for developer jobs.

All these statistics show that there is a great opportunity to make use of Facebook and Linkedin for marketing, lead generation, and revenue-generation, and for staffing agencies to perform their recruitment and staffing activities across basically all verticals.

Mobile Domination

Ride a Singapore train and see how mobile-fascinated Singaporeans are. With the 6.6 million Singapore mobile users wherein half of this population are 3g subscribers, it is no doubt why search engine marketing and social media marketing are famous marketing and advertising tools. The free iPhone app that is enticing Singaporeans to be abreast of the country's general election proceedings is a clear indication that mobile domination soars in the City of Lion. Mobile apps provide important and useful means of targeting mobile internet users right through social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

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