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U.S. Adventurer Goes Bananas with Uplifting New Children's Series, Promoting Fairness, Ethics & Social Responsibility

Masterminded by Timothy Brower, the ‘Banana Chronicles’ brings artists together from four continents to create an enchanting tropical island filled with whimsical, inspirational characters. In ‘Fishing for Bananas’, volume one in the series, children meet Monkey and travel with him to experience colorful island life. But their adventures are far from monkey business; kids will learn heaps about fairness, ethics and social responsibility along the way.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/13/2015 -- While every child loves a good, solid story, many parents and critics are becoming frustrated with a new culture of children's literature that has become fixated on violence, vengeance and good versus evil. Through decades of travel and adventure, Timothy Brower knows that life is actually about having fun while being a good person – and his new book series is swinging from the trees to prove it.

'Banana Chronicles' features 100% original characters, stories and illustrations – a unique collaboration of artists from four continents. Each adventure is led by the lovable Monkey, an admirable, hard-working character who empowers children to think positively and foster a passion for embracing other cultures.

'Fishing for Bananas' is volume one. It's time to pack those tie-die shorts and lime green tops; island life is paradise.


Fishing for Bananas is the first of six books in the Banana Chronicles series. The colorful island life of Mon-Ki Key is depicted through tales of fishing and surfing, a treasure, a Big Idea and most importantly, a fantastic storm that changes everything.

The vibrant blending of tales and dazzling illustrations portray the positive interactions of the island's whimsical characters. In Mon-Ki Key's lively market place, Monkey trades his daily catch of fish for a variety of things: roof thatch, food for his pet bird, and... Bananas!

Readers of all ages will appreciate the values and experiences introduced through Monkey's adventures, creating an excitement for adventure through a nice balance of fairness, ethics, and social responsibility.

"I was on a tropical fishing trip with my family, and decided to use the island we were staying on as inspiration for that night's bedtime story," explains Brower. "Immediately after the story my daughter told me she could see the every detail in color when Monkey was using his tail, feet, and hands to catch fish faster than any ten men. As a father who is committed to teaching my children about positive values, confidence and being of upstanding character, I started to generate a winning formula for what is now Banana Chronicles."

Continuing, "I called on five talented illustrators from four continents to produce a series of stunning and vibrant illustrations that have become the island and characters we know today. The goal right from the outset has been to make children feel like they are actually on the island, an immersion that will help them soak up the book's positive messages and take on the world with gusto."

Brower and his team are far from finished – there's five more volumes in the works. Book two, 'The Lost Medallion', is due for imminent release.

In the meantime, 'Fishing for Bananas', from Fast Turtle Publishing, is available now.

For more information and resources, visit the series' official website:

ISBN (Hardbound): 978-0-9909557-0-2

LCCN: 2014921680

About Timothy Brower
Timothy Brower is an avid adventurer who has lived and worked in such places as Asia, Africa, Australia and South America. Through these adventures Brower has collected tales and experiences that have played an integral part in creating the Banana Chronicles series.