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MeditationSwerve: Empowering New Book, Dubbed a "Jackass Sweetheart Meditation Companion", Proves Anyone Can Look Within & Prosper

Written form the heart, soul and experiences of Larry Li, ‘MeditationSwerve’ is a definitive and entertaining guide for anyone who wants to exercise their birthright to meditate, and embark on a bold journey of journey self-evolution and cultivation. Li admits that he was once skeptical of ‘mystical’ states and passed them off as too intangible to work; however, after meditation literally saved him from life’s darkest demons, he is now committed to helping others look inward and transform their own lives.


Vancouver, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/13/2015 -- When Larry Li was brought from Taiwan to Canada at the age of six, he had no idea just how bad life was going to get. His home life was abusive, dysfunctional and North American values were detrimentally different from the Asian culture he was used to embracing.

It's no surprise that Li was bullied, faced depression, anxiety and OCD from childhood – and eventually dropped out of university due to his crippling Agoraphobia. But Li's life was eventually saved by something he had previously thought of as unrealistic and excessively idealized – meditation.

Li is now committed to helping others look inward and transform their lives. Li's own experiences have proven that meditation and its gifts will work for literally anyone, leading to the publication of a trend-bucking and unconventionally humorous new book.

'MeditationSwerve', an honest meditative companion, takes readers on a complete journey from the principles that underpin many meditative philosophies to their real-world, daily applications. The result is an uplifting and life-changing guide that actually says something useful.


If you think meditation is just about being quiet and "peaced out," think again!

This is a meditation companion unlike any other, offering a collection of passages, essays, and poetry that will make you laugh, cringe, or maybe even incite anger, as well as radiate the peace and calm you would expect from this type of guide.

Author Larry Li bravely bares his heart and soul in MeditationSwerve with the aim of helping you discover transformative power through the vast range of human emotion—which is what makes meditation a truly authentic experience.

Meditation, Larry teaches, is about being nonjudgmental. It's about directing your energy inward, exploring yourself—both the negative and the positive—and recognizing there is more to you than your fears and desires.

Stressing self-mastery, honesty, and compassion, MeditationSwerve awakens the spirit and opens the door to unlimited possibility. Larry's inventiveness and enthusiasm will inspire you to try meditation. He shows you how to become your own guru by finding the path that best suits your personality and needs.

Included inside the book is a full color art gallery of oil paintings by Larry's second meditation teacher who is a master artist, healer, and meditator.

"The bottom line is that anyone can meditate! This mystical power exists for a reason and, when understood holistically, can be useful to anyone," admits Li, who wrote passages for the book in Canada, Taiwan, Germany, and Switzerland. "Everyone has a unique journey with regards to the expansion and transformation of their consciousness; and my book guides them through exercising this sovereign human right. But society is confused – it looks outside for approval, whereas I am making it clear all of the answers can be found by instead looking within."

Continuing, "My book is a raw, frank and honest guide through meditation, written in a style that goes against the grain of existing books that try to preach or frame the author as some kind of God. I'm just a guy who is passionate about my craft. I want to prove that meditation is available to anyone, and make their journey exploring it one that's fun and empowering. Meditation has allowed me to see the paradox and irony of life in a way that is conducive to my personal happiness. Meditation has transformed the way my consciousness perceives and digests "stress" and "problems"; and you can now do to it, too."

Since its release, the volume has garnered a string of rave reviews. For example, Clayton Greenwood comments, "I loved MeditationSwerve! It's an eclectic collection of emotion invoking stories that will encourage you to explore yourself and your own energies. Great book - would highly recommend!"

Surya Devi adds, "This book is funny, deep and brilliant all at the same time... a great introduction to meditation and spiritual practices that will appeal to the younger generation. thanks Larry for your fun and unique style and teaching."

'MeditationSwerve' is available now: http://amzn.to/1xPL2Rt.

For more information and powerful resources, visit the author's official website: http://meditationswerve.com.

About Larry Li
Larry Li holds a BA in philosophy and honors in holistic nutrition, and he is in the process of studying Ayurveda and special intervention for autism. He works one-on-one with clients as a healer, counselor, and meditation facilitator. Having previously specialized in OCD-related disorders, he is now branching out and is interested in developing meditation techniques for youth, especially those with special needs.

Larry has battled apathy, anxiety, and depression and been diagnosed with Graves's disease and lung cancer. As someone who used to be overweight, hates authority, can't sit still, and is generally hedonistic, he considers his journey to becoming a meditation proponent an interesting ride, and now, he's sharing his story to inspire others.

This book is also a means to pay it forward. It contains the teachings given to Larry by teachers all around the globe.