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Coops and Cages Says No to Canine Influenza

In other parts of the world, canine influenza has already spread in epidemic proportions which raise concern among dog owners. To prevent this illness, Coops And Cages took a one step ahead to protect every pet dog’s health by creating quality shelters for them.


Carlton, Victoria -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/13/2015 -- Based on a recent news from Chicago (March 30, 2015), canine influenza is striking hundreds of dogs. It was reported that within a week, there were already more than 70 dogs that are afflicted with this disease. According to Natalie Marks, veterinarian of the Blum Animal Hospital, canine influenza is all over the land of Chicago and there were already some fatalities recorded.

Though there is no news of canine influenza outbreak in Australia, Coops And Cages, one of the leading pet enclosure stores online, is on the alert. This illness that strikes dogs may not be a reason for panic since symptoms subside within a few weeks on its own. However, it can still cause a dog's death especially the ones with a poor immune system.

Originally, this illness rooted from the highly contagious equine influenza A virus subtype H3N8. Yes, the pneumonia that's affecting most dogs originally came from a horse's respiratory illness. The disease starts to spread in horse-racing tracks which are at the same time, a dog-racing track. On August 24, 2007, there was a recorded equine influenza outbreak in Sydney, Australia, and another one on December 22, 2007 in New South Wales and Queensland. Though there are reports that the disease had already been eradicated, the equine influenza, the root cause of canine influenza, can grow back if the virus is able to live in favourable conditions such as an overcrowded and stressful environment. The infection can also be transferred to every dog by means of contact transmission.

To prevent every pet dog from acquiring the disease, Coops And Cages tries to create spacious and comfortable dog kennels. With enough room for the dog, it will help to create a non-stressful environment. The company always makes sure that there will be enough ventilation in every dog enclosure they make by building sliding windows. The dog cage can also help isolate already infected dogs so as not to transmit the disease to other pets in the household. Isolating the dog while giving it with the necessary nutrition and vet care, the dog can regain its normal health within a few weeks.

Jordan Walker, the dog enclosure specialist at Coops And Cages™ was quoted saying, "We don't need to wait for a canine influenza outbreak to happen here in our country before we start worrying about our pet dog's health. As early as now, we need to take action to prevent this illness affecting our dogs. What can we do? By providing our pet dogs with a spacious and non-stressful shelter, and by giving them the right nutrition and care, we can always protect our dear friends from being afflicted with this disease."

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