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Attorney Christian Scranton and TV's Neale Bayly to Begin Peru Charity Adventure Ride

Epic, exciting motorcycle ride through Peru's rugged landscapes will raise money for orphanage funded by children's charity Wellspring International Outreach, Scranton Law Firm reports


Concord, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/13/2015 -- Scranton Law Firm President Christian Scranton will team up with journalist, motorcycle adventurer, and television personality Neale Bayly for an adventurous ride through Peru. Proceeds from the exciting motorcycle fund-raising ride will benefit the Wellspring International Outreach - Childrens Charity , a non-profit group founded in 2008 that supports an orphanage in Montegua, Peru and another in White River, South Africa. A leading Personal Injury Attorney, Scranton previously partnered with Bayly for a highly successful charity motorcycle trip through the latter country, the proceeds from which also went to Wellspring.

"When people today think of the spirit of the open road and the thrill of riding motorcycles, the name Neale Bayly comes immediately to mind," Scranton Law Firm representative Dalton Meisen said, "The television show Neale Bayly Rides has enthralled millions of viewers. Scranton Law's President Christian Scranton is therefore especially proud to be able to team up with Neale once again for an unforgettable charity ride through Peru that will conclude at an orphanage there funded by Wellspring."

Starting off with little more than a taste for adventure, a motorcycle, and two hundred dollars, Neale Bayly has since built a career as a journalist that has taken him through nearly 50 countries. Bayly's highly successful Fox program Neale Bayly Rides immerses viewers in some of the globe's most beautiful and diverse locations, with Bayly leveraging his prominence to help support some especially worthy causes.

As a dedicated philanthropist and motorcycle adventurer himself, having competed in the Baja 250 and 1000, among other rugged events, Scranton Law Firm President Christian Scranton makes a natural traveling partner for Bayly. The two joined up previously for a spectacular trip through South Africa, raising money for the Wellspring International Outreach orphanage there as they traversed the country's wild, striking landscapes.

The pair's upcoming adventure in Peru will be every bit as exciting and productive. Once again, they will focus on raising money for Wellspring, ending up at a remote orphanage there funded by the non-profit which serves some of the country's neediest children. With the trip itself starting soon, the team's travels will be documented on a trio of Neale Bayly Rides episodes that will air on Fox on June 9, 16, and 23 of this year.

Christian Scranton's imminent trip with Bayly is a sign of the importance that he and other Scranton Law Firm members place on contributing back to society. As one of California's top personal injury firms, Scranton Law also provides highly effective legal representation to many of the state's residents every year. Since Christian's father Michael founded the Scranton Law Firm more than forty years ago, it has secured more than $500 million in awards for clients.

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