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Black Pine Catering Alerts Party Planners of Need to Book Early

Because of the busy wedding and event season being forecast, the popular catering company is encouraging their clients to save their dates early before their calendar fills according to BlackpineCater


Woodland, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/13/2015 -- The current wedding season forecast is that this will be one of the busiest seasons in years. While all of the reasons for this increase are not known, the improvement in the economy as well as the surge in marriage licenses following marriage equality laws has been given much of the credit. Black Pine Catering, a leader in the wedding and event industry, is drawing attention to the importance of early reservations in this busy atmosphere.

Their company spokesperson explained the need to plan early. "We normally require a few days to work with clients to get from the planning stage to the actual event. Weddings or particularly large events may require a couple of weeks or longer. This gives them time to finalize their guest lists so we have an accurate head count. But it also gives them the time to sample the menu, discuss the options and complete their choices. However, with the season shaping up to be as busy as it appears it is going to be, we are concerned that some of our clients will be disappointed because they did not reserve early enough to get their chosen date."

The company is known as one of the top Event Catering and Wedding Catering professionals in the Woodland area. Their company spokesperson states, "We offer both staffed and drop-off services that make it simple for our clients to have amazing food regardless of whether their event is formal or casual. We have always felt that gourmet food, prepared by talented chefs, can be appreciated by anyone, not just strictly by those attending formal affairs."

These Catering Services are available to both businesses and personal clients. They offer on-site catering or can provide their own venues at The Windmill Farm & Vineyard, a serene and lovely location that offers a unique setting for private affairs or The Lincoln, a site designed specifically for elegant events. The company offers several different menus depending on what type of event is planned, where it will be taking place and whether or not it will be staffed.

"We seek to provide an array of options that will make it easy for everyone to cater their event with the style of food that will appeal to their audience." This is why the Black Pine Catering menus offer sandwiches, BBQ and fine-dining entrees.

About Black Pine Catering and Events
Black Pine Catering was established to provide custom-designed catering packages to every client and their unique situation. They use fresh, high-quality products and employ award-winning chefs to assemble delicious and exciting cuisine that will suit any occasion. They continue to expand their services and options as they are dedicated to making every catered affair as simple and enjoyable as possible for each client.