HELLOPEOPLE Released Its First Freeware Mobile App Suite for Restaurants


West Perth, Western Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/13/2015 -- HELLOPEOPLE (Perth, Australia), a leading iOS and Android mobile application developer, announced its freeware POS Mobile App solution for the restaurant industry. Mobile apps are the least understood segment of the small and mid-size restaurant industry when it comes to performance gains and service delivery. Not surprisingly, HelloPeople's study found that 8 out of every 10 apps need training and investment.

HelloPeople recently monitored and measured the user experience of 5 iOS and Android apps built for the restaurant industry. The benchmark studied the installation and configuration experience, and the length of training required for launching an app, searching for an item, getting the menu details, adding to the order, checking the order status and finding the store location to determine its performance impact on service delivery.

Key Findings of the Study:

-All mobile apps experienced a lengthy installation and configuration time.

-The study found an average of 98.2% training requirement. This can result in a big investment for a small or medium size restaurant.

-The average time it took to place an order was 1min20seconds, with the top tier apps outperforming bottom ones by 33%.

-iOS apps performed 40% faster than the Android apps, which corresponds to a 18.5% higher average order of iOS customers than Android users.

"HelloPeople's track record and expertise in business process re-engineering and optimisation for retail and e-commerce naturally lends itself to extend to process optimisation for native apps" - Sony Sindhe, Director – Business Development, HelloPeople. "As our customers increasingly rely on the mobile channel for growth and customer engagement, we are investing in solutions like the WIZREST and EasyRetail to help ensure they achieve maximum returns on their digital investments."

Deploying mobile apps that make it complicated for customers to place orders and employees during their order placement process could stem the rampant 'hidden' customer defection to competitors. More than one-third of customers placed a repeat order from a HelloPeople App.

HelloPeople has identified a practical "design, build, use" approach that is effective in its digital capabilities:

-Design for the end customer's ideal experience: Understand the priorities of your target customers and design your mobile app processes and features with them in mind.

-Build for the critical moments and be "good enough" at the rest: Select the critical customer needs and touch points by ranking them according to frequency of use and emotional importance. These will be the main focus for building out digital capabilities.

-Use what really works with customers and employees: Test your digital strategy with customers; listen to their feedback to learn what works for them, and what aspects of your transformation still need to be modified.

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