JetStreamDirect Announces Launch of New JetStream Streaming Media TV Box Independent Distributor and Reseller Program, the leading master distributor of the JetStream and JetStream4 streaming media TV boxes, is announcing the company's new distributor and reseller program that allows entrepreneurs, small businesses and others to leverage the global boom in the streaming media TV box system themselves by partnering with


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/13/2015 --, which is a global master distributor of the JetStream Streaming Media TV Box, has announced the launch of its newly updated JetStream Streaming Media TV Box Independent Distributor and Reseller program. This program allows individuals and companies alike to purchase the devices at wholesale and effectively set up and grow their own smart streaming media TV box business.

"JetStream Direct is the leader in premier streaming media TV boxes," says Mark DeLanney, Sr. "We offer the JetStream TV Box and the Android TV Box, effectively allowing for streaming on all types of devices. Our new distributor and reseller program allows people to start their own business in this highly popular entertainment field that consumers are excited about."

The JetStream Streaming Media TV and Movie Box is a device that allows people to watch over 100,000 different movies and television shows commercial free with no monthly cost. In addition it also includes over 1,000 channels, and events which are included for free. What the device does is combine live television with the best in streaming media entertainment. Additionally, everything, including shows, movies, news, sports, events, children's shows, events and much more, are completely unlimited and free with no monthly contracts or per movie fees in HD, 3D and 4K. Finally, this box comes at a onetime only affordable purchase price. This means there is no set-up fee, no monthly subscription or any other hidden charges. Rather, people simply purchase the box and they can start enjoying family entertainment for life.

"We have been highly successful in our business," adds Mark DeLanney, Sr. "People are becoming increasingly interested in streaming television, and our TV boxes make this very easy. Our new distributor and reseller program means others are able to get involved in this business without the traditional high investment costs, with a product that they know will sell." Mark DeLanney Sr. also stated; "people are tired of expensive cable and satellite bills, this is a major reason consumers are excited and purchasing our smart streaming media TV boxes." offers a tried and tested method of selling the TV box and distributors can now join in on this. The reseller and distributorship opportunities are available to businesses and individuals alike. They simply purchase the Android TV Box or other devices from and sell it through their own methods. This can be done online, or in a physical store.

There are other streaming media boxes on the market like uBox, vStream and others, what sets us apart is we have our own programming and technical staff located here in the USA. Many of our competitors boxes use programmers from China and provide plastic boxes rather than a product in a durable aluminum housing supported by programmers in the USA.

The new JetStream 4 Streaming Media TV Box is turning out to be a highly popular device. People are starting to see how, for a small investment, they can cut down on their television bills and watch the shows they want, when they want to. There is no longer any need to save up for pay per view events or movies, as these can all be streamed for free. For further information on streaming media TV boxes at home, or becoming a streaming media TV box reselle r or distributor, please use the contact details below.


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