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Versatile Mounting Solutions Launches Innovative New v-Bar Home Mounting Bracket

Attractive, capable, and affordable, the V-Bar is the perfect mounting option for everything from home fitness studios to garage storage, Versatile Mounting Solutions reports


Old Bridge, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/13/2015 -- Versatile Mounting Solutions announced the launch and immediate availability of the company's innovative, attractive V-Bar mounting bar. One of the most exciting new Storage Solutions to hit the market in years, the 14-gauge steel V-Bar is perfect for anything from indoor fitness and play rooms to storage for heavy items in a home's garage. With included, movable, high-strength S-hooks that provide for impressive mounting flexibility, the V-Bar is available in lengths from two to eight feet and with any of six attractive powder-coated finishes.

"Eye hooks can be useful, but they are inflexible once put into place and always unsightly," Versatile Mounting Solutions representative Howie Bixen observed, "With the release of our brand new V-Bar mounting product, conventional eye hooks have become obsolete. The V-Bar delivers all of the utility of the eye hook and more in an incredibly attractive and flexible package. We're happy to say that we're now taking orders at our secure online store."

Typically anchored to wall studs or other structural supports, steel eye hooks are a common way of equipping homes with more in the way of hanging storage or mounting points for exercise gear and the like. Many people, though, have experienced the inconvenience and frustration that these ceiling or Wall Mounts can inflict, as they cannot be adjusted once put into place. In addition, this option can work against the efforts of proud homeowners to make their residences more attractive places to live, as eye hooks and common alternatives are invariably inelegant and ugly.

Founded to provide better, more satisfying answers to these common needs and grievances, Versatile Mounting Solutions has just launched the company's flagship product, the innovative V-Bar. Crafted from strong, 14-gauge steel that is available in durable finishes ranging from black, white, steel, and tan to colorful blue and red, the V-Bar is an attractive mounting option that blends in beautifully in any setting.

With load capacities of up to 1000 pounds per unit, the V-Bar mounts easily to ceilings of any type, whether suspended, sheet-rock, or open-framed. Once in place, the innovative wall or Ceiling Mounts offer up easily adjustable anchor points for the included S-hooks, making them perfectly suited for a wide range of applications.

With the growing popularity of aerial yoga, for example, many of the company's early testers have found that the V-Bar makes for the perfect way to enjoy that activity at home. The V-Bar can also be used to help set up indoor playrooms that will encourage exercise by allowing for the mounting of rope ladders, swings, and the like.

In addition, the V-Bar makes for an attractive, highly affordable way to hang heavy items of all sorts for storage, whether in a garage or an indoor room. With a smart, innovative design that emphasizes versatility and overcoming the limitations imposed by existing mounting options, the V-Bar is a highly flexible alternative that has a lot to contribute to any home.

The new V-Bar is now available at the Versatile Mounting Solutions online shop. Versatile Mounting Solutions is also currently accepting applications from resellers, and will even provide V-Bar stock with custom logos to partners.

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