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New York Times Best Selling Author, Veteran & Abuse Survivor Opens Up

Becomes A Driving Force of Inspiration For Overcoming Obstacles


Cheyenne, WY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/13/2015 -- What does it take to overcome? New York Times Best Selling Author, Award-winning Blogger, Marine Corp Veteran and Abuse Survivor George Bryant of Civilized Caveman Cooking ( knows and is spreading the word to others with his latest blog post, an open and honest listing entitled '26 Things you Probably didn't know about me!'

"I decided that people really want to know more about my journey," stated Bryant. "I love how receptive and encouraging people are to my vulnerability. I truly believe happiness comes in life by being open, honest and completely revealed."

Some of what George relates is deeply personal such as having been molested as a child and battling bulimia after being told for years as a child that he was both 'fat and ugly'. These particular facts are inspirational on their own merit as there aren't many male survivors of either sex abuse or eating disorders willing to share their personal stories on the national stage. Eating disorders especially are still seen as a mostly female body image issue.

The Marine corp boot camp honor graduate has also witnessed the horrors of war as well as personally fought the demons war gifts returning veterans with having had 8 veteran friends kill themselves as a result of PTSD and not getting help, 3 of which witnessed in person. He himself battles PTSD and has a companion Pit Bull service dog which faithfully watches over him.

Bryant, more well known for his favorite obsession, bacon, has had his app called Caveman Feast reach the #1 best selling app on iTunes of over 1.3mm apps. His first Cookbook Caveman Feast was only released digitally and became a best seller the 1st day out, while his second Cookbook The Paleo Kitchen was made as a print book and became a New York Times Best Seller for 22 consecutive weeks, reaching #4 in the world.

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