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Marital Action Reports Low Income and Divorce Go Hand in Hand

Inexpensive Engagement Rings Don't Help to Prevent a Divorce Either Although Big Weddings Do, Announces Marital Action


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2015 -- Marital Action ( looked at money and its role in divorce and discovered some surprising statistics. Married couples having a combined income of over $125,000 each year are 51 percent less likely to divorce, although this information doesn't state whether this is due to the income improving the happiness of couples or the fear of losing one's wealth through a divorce preventing couples from taking action. These statistics were obtained by Hugo M. Mialon and Andrew M. Francis and shared on Marital Action in the form of an infographic. Individuals need information such as this when deciding if they wish to get married or hold off until they are in a better place financially.

"Divorce tends to be costly. The financial status of each party involved in the divorce proceedings will be affected, and individuals need to take their finances into consideration. Surprisingly, the cost of the engagement ring also factors into whether or not a couple will get divorced," Leo Young, Spokesperson for Marital Action, explains.

Spend less than $500 on the engagement ring and the odds of the marriage ending in divorce go up significantly, by 200 percent in this scenario. Couples spending $8,000 or more on the ring are ten percent less likely to divorce, and those relationships in which one party doesn't know how much the ring cost are 69 percent more likely to get divorced. Couples with more than 200 people in attendance have a much lower divorce rate, while those who go on a honeymoon cut their odds of divorce almost in half.

The above statistics were obtained from 'A Diamond is Forever' and Other Fairy Tales: The Relationship between Wedding Expenses and Marriage Duration by Andrew M. Francis and Hugo M. Mialon. Taking into account the above statistics allows one to see if they are ready to get married. This doesn't mean, however, that those couples who don't fall into these categories won't get divorced, and one needs to remember this also, Young states.

The site addresses a variety of other topics also. Learn about the divorce process within the state of California, as one must fill out forms stating they wish to dissolve the relationship, among other things. Find out about community and separate property also, as this can affect the divorce proceedings. Divorce tends to be a complicated process. The more information one has, the less stress will likely be involved as the case moves forward.

"To learn more, follow Marital Action on Twitter. The material obtained through this company is very informative and can assist those who are planning to be married, those already married and those who are planning a divorce or are in the midst of one. Marriage is meant to be forever, yet many find it difficult to remain a couple. Marital Action understands this and provides information on family law and divorce for those who wish to dissolve their relationship," Young declares.

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