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Abest Power and Gas Reveals the Benefits of Deregulation

Consumers may save up to $485 a year or 37 percent on their energy bills thanks to deregulation, reports AbestPower.com


Norwalk, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/14/2015 -- Competition remains a hallmark of a free economy and benefits consumers in numerous ways. Individuals and businesses alike find they can choose from rival firms for a variety of products and services, yet utilities often remain under the umbrella of the state. Fortunately, many states now allow for deregulation of utilities and consumers benefit in this situation. Individuals and businesses in need of an Electricity Supplier in MA find they may work with Abest Power to obtain a better price on their electric bill while protecting themselves from a price increase.

"Consumers often wonder what deregulation truly means for them. With deregulation, a customer receives the same bill and service, yet does so with a much better plan. Anyone may take advantage of these savings, from the residential consumer to large corporations, still make use of the same infrastructure and receive the same electricity they have used in the past," Frank Rosa, spokesperson for Abest Power and Gas, explains.

Those choosing to take advantage of deregulation find they can shop around for better service. Different suppliers offer plans to meet the needs of consumers everywhere, and the right plan differs based on the consumer's usage patterns and monthly budget. This is true for both residential and commercial customers. Clients love that they can choose between fixed and variable plans, based on their unique needs.

Rosa points out that Choose Energy, one company offering to help consumers save on their energy bills, reports customers save up to $485 a year. This is the equivalent of cutting one's electricity bill by 37 percent. This is only one of numerous benefits associated with deregulation and being able to choose one's energy provider that individuals and businesses need to take into consideration.

When one opts to switch providers, they retain more control over various aspects of their energy supply. For example, one may wish to look for the lowest rate, discounting other factors in the decision making process. Others, however, wish to choose a supplier with a positive track record when it comes to protecting the environment. Those who find this to be of importance will often find they can choose a provider based on the percentage of renewable power offered through that supplier.

"Deregulation allows for greater capacity to meet rising demand, energy which is greener, cleaner and more efficient, lower rates and more choice. Residential and commercial energy users need to consider switching their current provider to protect the environment and/or save money. Contact Abest Power and Gas to learn more about how deregulation benefits everyone and why every person making use of energy needs to examine their current provider and determine if a change is needed," Rosa announces.

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Founded by business professionals with extensive experience in the deregulation of energy markets, Abest Power and Gas functions as a licensed energy supplier providing secure energy rate plans for both residential and commercial clients. The company strives to be a leader in the industry and works to elevate the quality of services offered through the building of trust and better customer service. Programs and services offered are designed to reduce energy costs while avoiding sudden price increases. The company maintains a low overhead by running a lean operation allowing them to provide products which remain competitive.