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Rock & Roll Kitchen Films Releases Movie Trailer for Creedence Forever

Innovative New Approach For Band Marketing


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/20/2015 -- So what happens when a boutique film making marketing agency and the world's greatest CCR tribute band collaborate on filmed content? A new approach for marketing bands, modeled after theatrical release movie trailers.

Logging in at just over one minute, the fast-moving reel focuses on highlights of Creedence Forever's exciting live shows in quick cuts with motion graphic titles, versus a traditional music video or sampler video. It's a way for a talent buyer or audiences to get a condensed look at what happens during a show in the space of 78 seconds.

According to producer M Larkin of Rock & Roll Kitchen Films, it's all about the fast paced nature of our desktop and mobile device-dominated world today, and getting key information across with video.

"There's a reason YouTube has become the #1 search engine worldwide," says Larkin. "People prefer getting their content by watching video more than any other format." But why the "movie trailer" approach for marketing a band?

"We've shot so much footage of this band over the years, we could probably do a documentary anyway; so it seemed like a natural approach for this."

And the reason to focus on a tribute band compared to "real" acts? Rock & Roll Kitchen Films has an impressive list of artists they've worked with over the years, including Brian Wilson (Beach Boys), Ginger Baker (Cream), Steven Adler (GNR), Dale Bozzio (Missing Persons), Ronnie James Dio, David Ball, Great White and Rick Nielsen (Cheap Trick).

"It's mostly about the singer, Rich Perez," says Larkin. "I was working in a Chicago recording studio where Rich was doing some tracks for his old band, and I was amazed by what a versatile, dynamic singer he was - he's really something special. Creedence Forever is unique among tribute bands for a number of reasons: They play and perform on a national level, and they can hold their own with any superstar band there is. Plus, unlike the original CCR - who didn't move around much with a 'toe-tapper' approach, Creedence Forever is very dynamic, lots of motion, sweat, passion and edge, which gives them an original identity compared to the original act."

One notable fan is Pink, who found them on YouTube and hand-picked them over all over CCR tributes worldwide to perform at a private family event in her home town. Pink was duly impressed with their show : She later thanked the band via her Twitter account, calling them "… a badass Creedence cover band" and calling Rich Perez "an insanely great singer."

Larkin feels recreating the look of CCR is far less important than delivering a great show. He references the many Pink Floyd tribute bands who look nothing like Pink Floyd, but sell out large venues regardless. He also points out the many less-than-stellar CCR tributes whose main skill appears to be wearing checkered flannel shirts, blue jeans, bandana and the occastionalpage-boy wig.

According to Larkin: "Hopefully, people can see by the trailer that this isn't a typical CCR tribute band; they bring something to the show that is far beyong the music itself, which is what live shows are supposed to be about right?"

See the 70-second Creedence Forever trailer here:

To see a looping version with audio samples:

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