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Ignited Deals Launches Flameless Tealight Candle Set on Amazon.com


Fort Worth, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/20/2015 -- Ignited Deals recently launched their Flameless Tealight Candle Set on Amazon.com, and the product has thus far received a perfect 5-star customer rating.

Ignited Deals is a family-owned small business, founded by Lorraine Robles and her husband. Robles has a background as a virtual assistant and social media manager, and founding Ignited Deals has allowed Robles and her husband to offer customers the very same value they would expect for their own family. With a positive outlook on the future of retail, Robles and her husband believe that consumers can still get "real value for every dollar they spend". About the company and their tealight candles flameless, Robles says, "We stand behind our product and customers. As we expand our line, safety will be our main focus. Most of our customer base include families with young children or pets and can appreciate how safe a battery operated candle is compared to traditional candles".

Ignited Deals launched the Flameless Tealight Candle Set on Amazon in February 2015. The set includes 24 battery-operated, yellow flickering LED flameless candles that offer a safe and elegant option to traditional tealights. The flameless tealights are the same size as traditional tealights and offer a realistic warm yellow flicker that is both kid and pet friendly. With the flameless tealights, consumers no longer have to worry about wax, black soot on walls, or other messes. With the touch of the on/off switch, users can easily turn their candles on and off. Each flameless tealight includes a 60+ hour lithium battery.

Since the set's launch, customers have left rave reviews. "Its slow, gentle flicker is like what a real candle or tealight would do, so it's very realistic looking," said one customer. Customers enjoy how easy the tealights are to use and how convenient each unit is. Instead of worrying with lighters or matches, the tealights can simply be switched on. For customers with children or pets, as well as elderly consumers and those with disabilities, the Flameless Tealight Candle Set offers the highest safety option for natural-looking, risk-free candlelight. "I love not worrying about the candle light dying out after a short period of time as with regular wax candles," pointed out another customer.

The Flameless Tealight Candle Set from Ignited Deals is available exclusively on Amazon.com. Amazon Prime members are eligible for free 2-day shipping, and all customers receive a 90 day money back guarantee. Customers who are interested in flameless tealight candles bulk can purchase 2 sets of Flameless Tealight Candle Sets and receive a 20% discount on their purchase with code MAW4UKJS.

More information about Ignited Deals is available at the company's website, and further details regarding the Flameless Tealight Candle Set is available at http://www.amazon.com/Tealights--Flameless-Flickering-Guaranteed-Decorate/dp/B00RSKGSIS/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1424104387&sr=8-3&keywords=ignited+deals

About Ignited Deals
Ignited Deals was founded by Lorraine Robles and her husband to deliver exceptional home goods products that infuse world-class customer support and premium craftsmanship.

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