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The nuances or search marketing are changing and things that have been commonplace even a couple of year ago are completely outdated today. Smart SEO reveals the new rules of SEO marketing and optimization.


Parramatta, NSW -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2015 -- Search engine optimization used to be a simple process. Even five years ago, you only needed to identify a set of keywords that your business can be based upon and optimize them in your website content. Even if you were copy pasting content from different competing website, it didn't matter as long as you had been able to stuff these keywords in your website. However, search engines like Google realised that this process of page ranking is completely unfavourable for the end users. Customers seek search engines to find products and information about a variety of things but what they actually get is gibberish.

Google has consequently come up with a lot of changes to the rules of optimization. The first update from Google was BigDaddy that hammered sites that were relying on swapped links. Since then Google Advertising has been coming up with several algorithm updates like the Panda, Penguin and others to ensure that search results are more relevant and unique. The continued updates ensure that every website that hope to be ranked among the top suggestions in search engines have quality oriented content that is original and offers a different perspective of the product/service. It's all about making the customer feel more comfortable and ensuring a fast and user friendly service. By April 21st, 2015, Google will be rolling out yet another update that will filter out websites that don't confer to responsiveness.

With so many things being changed, it's really unlikely that a business should have a thorough idea of the SEO premises. Smart SEO chooses to act as a guide for all those businesses in Sydney who want to update themselves according to the Google guidelines and get a larger share of the market. Independent research team from Smart SEO will analyse client websites and advice all the necessary changes that is requires beating and staying above the competition.

If you have been in business for a long period now but have the following questions in mind, Smart SEO offers a timely help.

- I have identified my customers but cannot find the way of connecting to them

- I want my customers to buy/subscribe and share but they aren't quite interested

- My business website used to be on top of search engine results but now it seems to be buried in the depths somewhere

- I am unable to understand the expectation of my customers

These are common problems faced by several businesses across the globe. Only a skilled and experienced SEO specialist like Smart SEO will be able to provide you the exact solutions. The company has soared up to becoming one of the most popular SEO agency and consultant for several reputed businesses and brands in Sydney.

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