I Want to Be a Princess

New Book: "I Want to Be a Princess" Launched


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/20/2015 -- Children's author Idan Berger has released a new book, titled: "I want to be a princess", which is a funny bedtime story collection, but one that is set out teach young children that sometimes what they already have is best of all.

According to one satisfied reader, Ricquelle Landis, "I Want to Be a Princess" is an adorable children's book with a special lesson. She pointed out how the "little girl, Julie, who is the lead character, is determined that it would be much more fun to be a princess. "So, when Mom asks, 'Why?", Julie comes up with a variety of reasons. For each reason, Mom gently reminds Julie that being a princess may not be all dazzle and sparkle," writes Ricquelle.

The book, I want to be a princess is now available for FREE on amazon.com.

"I Want to Be a Princess" is a book that is full of bright and cheerful illustrations along the way to capture children's attention. It is considered an ideal way to teach young children that sometimes what you already have is best of all.

According to the book's author, Julie wants to be a princess. She doesn't want to be a normal girl.

Through some very simple and smart questioning, Julie's mother makes her wonder if being a princess is really as fun as in fairy tales, and thus goes the snippet of the dialogue between mother and daughter:

"But if all you wear are royal dresses, how can you play with your friends in the yard?

You wouldn't want your royal dresses get dirty, right?" Mom asked.

"Mom," Julie said very seriously, "Princesses do not play in the yard like everyone else. So they don't get dirty."

"Royal Princesses have royal toys to play with." she added.
"Don't you think it's a little boring to sit all day in the palace and play games alone?
Wouldn't you miss your friends?" Mom asked.
Want to know what Julie decides?

"Sorry, you've got to get your copy of the book, which is available exclusively on amazon.com," said Idan, who is particularly buoyed by the comments she has been receiving from her readers, namely:

- Natasha Mihailoska: "I have a four year old daughter and three boys. I purchased this book today as a bedtime story for my little girl. She loves princesses and i just knew that this will be the right book for her. I was right!!! She loved it! My boys enjoyed it as well. This is a must have, i am sure every parent will appreciate such a great read for their little one. It's very cute and funny at the same time. They all went to bed happy and i will be most definitely looking into some more books by Idan Berger. Thank you!"

- J. Rockowitz: "Adorable read with a great life lesson at the end. This book is sure to win the hearts of parents everywhere and provide some excellent teachable moments for children of a wide age range. This is a terrific book for mothers and daughters, especially if your little girl loves princesses!"

- Martin: "My daughter loved the book! She said it's an amazing. So I want to share my review with others [looking to find books] for children. Thank you for the great book. "

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