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Perfect Life Ideas Launches Twisting Balance Board

Offers a smart alternative to expensive gym equipment


South Bound Brook, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/20/2015 -- Perfect Life Ideas has unveiled this Twisting Balance Board that can have many benefits for those who want to boost their fitness levels and get into the shape of their lives.

Today there are many individuals who are trying to lose weight, and get into a fitness routine without compromising on their lifestyles. They find it hard to make time to go to the gym but getting that kind of equipment for home use is not only expensive but can be a space issue too. This exercise board asserts that now users can do without the heavy duty gym equipment and still manage to get different types of fitness training from the comforts of their homes.

Quite simply, it is a round board that has been designed to ensure that users can improve their balance. It can be used by those who want to build their core strength, which is quite important for one's overall wellbeing and fitness level. Moreover it also gives users an ideal cardio workout, which is crucial in their bid to burn calories and lose weight. Users can also use the board to do their Yoga, which is now well known to have several benefits for people.

Besides offering a way to do various types of workouts simply, this Balance Board can also be used for therapy. That's the reason it has gained popularity not only amongst fitness professionals but physical therapists as well. Thus this exercise and fitness product has advantages for those who are on their road to recovery from an injury or an existing condition.

Some of the other highlighting features of this twisting board include the fact that it has a non slip, beveled surface that offers users maximum traction. It can be used by users of up to 200 kgs lbs weight, which makes it quite versatile. It's compact, lightweight and easily fits into a gear bag, which is why it can be taken by users wherever they want, to ensure they never miss a workout.

And now interested users have the option of getting this highly useful fitness board for 51% off on the MSRP. Thus they can make good savings while working towards their fitness goals with ease.

About Twisting Balance Board
A fitness and exercise board, it can help users get core strength, cardio and yoga training at home.

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